Friday, August 10, 2012

What I've been up to...

Behind the scenes of shoot with LastBusRide few weeks back // Credits to Keline's boyfriend who took the shots

Just a little update to announce that I'm alive and kicking. Can't help but think that I look like a lecherous man when I'm behind the lens and shooting pretty models. My week has been madly hectic and the only rest day I got was on the actual day of my birthday. I can't wait for this week to pass so work is a little less hectic and I'd be able to have some time for myself (and to do the giveaway)!

Will be back with proper photos of Kukup...... once I get down to editing them! I'll get down to replying comments and emails and all birthday wishes as soon as possible. Thank you all for being so so kind. God bless!



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