Thursday, August 30, 2012


A recent convocation shoot for  a bunch of NTU good friends who went through it all together (:

I'm a little tired out from everything that's happening this holiday but I'm grateful to have met awesome people along the way and changed my mindset a little towards things. I've been hitting the gym regularly and I can really feel my body toning up and my health improving. 3 more days to my long awaited get away (then again, every getaway is long awaited to me) for a real proper break since I haven't had a rest day ever since holidays started.

Have fun at school while I skip my first week to enjoy my holiday! :D


Saturday, August 25, 2012

We Are The Furballs!

Slinky, the Daschund, who slept throughout our visit there and only woke up occasionally to find another spot to sleep in.

Duchess, the champion of all. Check out her sleeping positions below.

Lulu looking at how Duchess sleeps

D's favorite girl- Yuki-chan!!

Bui Bui's bacccckside. :D

See how Yuki-chan blends in with Des's pants.

Giving her a head massage


Super huggable and heavy Bui Bui

Sleeping like a dead log.... and she refuses to budge.

***cue for "awwwww"*** Look at how Yuki-chan licked his nose! He was smitten with her ever since.

We Are The Furballs
45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765

Opening hours:
Sun- Thurs: 1230pm- 930pm
Fri, Sat and Eve of PHs- 1230pm- 11pm

View more about We Are The Furballs HERE.

After our first visit to WTF, D has been bugging me to bring him back to this place and he said he wants to spend his birthday there. Yuki-chan really stole his heart. I'm very much a dog person and going to WTF completely makes my day except the fact that it was a little crowded that day and the dogs were sleepy. It would have been better if they were all toilet trained. The owners were exceptionally lovely and cheery people and it was really nice meeting them. For a small amount of entrance fee, you get a cup of $2.50 bubble tea and to play with six of their fur balls ( all of which are currently still little pups)! The owners said they would be bringing in three more fur balls soon!

Now you know what you've been missing out if you haven't been there... (:

Have fun, folks!


Monday, August 20, 2012


Wardrobe: Last Bus Ride
Models: Keline Woo and Francesca Tan

My first shoot with LBR has gotta be the most tiring yet fun online store outdoor shoot yet. It ended when the skies turned dark, but I'm glad the photos came out alright. Keline, Francesca and Regina (the owner) were extremely lovely girls whom I'm glad to have known (: This holiday has been extremely fruitful and taxing and I'm eagerly waiting for the next getaway (or supposedly, my birthday getaway) in early Sep for a proper rest. I want to set foot in every part of the world, and I'm beginning with M'sia since I've conquered a large part of it. However unappealing it may seem, there's always beauty in every of these places that I want to experience. I've been dying to head there since 3 years back, and I'm glad I'm finally going in 2 weeks' time!

Falling ill has been a fortnight thing for me, and while I'm typing all of these I'm blowing my nose and feeling extremely cranky. I wish I could show you the amount of tissues I've used up. On the contrary, I've been hitting the gym twice/thrice a week and my fitness is improving! I honestly forgot how it feels like to sweat it out since I haven't been to a gym for hmm 5 years at least, and I haven't ran in about 1 and a half years. Oh, the benefits of having all these facilities just 2 minutes walk away from the house of a lazy bum.

Cheers to a more fulfilling lifestyle! :D


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Mosaic-ed my extremely unglam face with a reflector that's 3/4 of my body

Some BTS of a convocation shoot last month. All images credit to Desmond. I promise proper photos to be uploaded soon. August has been jam packed with work, and it's been quite awhile since I last head out to have some adventure fun over the weekends. Love how my Sperry Top-sider has been the most trusty and rugged pair of shoes that has accompanied me through everything. 3 more weeks before school commences and I've so much to accomplish, everyday feels like a race against time and trying to seek a balance between friends, work, play and rest. For more frequent updates, you may follow me on instagram (smittenpixels) if you'd like! I'm just so excited for everything that's about to happen this holidays and I can't wait to share with you guys what I've been up to! :D

Stay gold, y'all! xx