Friday, November 16, 2012


163 Tanglin Rd  Tanglin Mall #01-35, Singapore 247933
6733 9088

1) These girls are girls whom I've known for years, ever since my days as Electrofever on Livejournal. Some of them are 
girls whom I've known for at least 3 years and we finally got to meet up together. It's a pretty funny sight when everyone
whipped out their phones and DSLRs when the food came and we were saying how much our friends hate eating with us
cause they always have to wait for us to finish our photo-taking before we allow them to tuck in. Hahaha.

2) I've never had a tougher time taking photos because the entire table was taking photos together and Ruby was complaining
that my shadow was seen in her photos and we all had to make do with a certain position that we were in. No prizes for
guessing just exactly how long we took to take a decent photo /:

3) Brunetti was a total disappointment. Service was pretty bad and the desserts, which are what they are supposed to
be known for, were a total disappointment. Only my salted caramel macaron and a macaron-lookalike chocolate dessert 
were good. I'm in a huge rush for time so I can't bother to recall the name of the dessert ): All in all, I doubt we would ever
make a return trip to this place. Right, girls?

4) But they say it's the company that counts and we had so much to talk. We talked till the wee hours and had to take a
cab home. It's always nice to share about our personal lives and how we feel about certain issues and it definitely brought
us closer (:

These bunch of girls, together with our new friend- Alene, would be fleaing at Scape tomorrow. We'll be at the rooftop
selling our awesome pre-loved items at dirt cheap rates so please come and support!!! <: I know how some of them are
so loved for their OOTDs, and it's your chance to grab those clothes now! So please drop by if you are in the area or if
you have the time tomorrow! We have so much to clear, I promise it'll be worth the while! <:

So see you tomorrow? xx

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Portrait Session with Nicole Then

Well, I figured you guys must have missed my face so here's a tiny pic spam of me. Nawww, I kid. Here's a portrait session with Nicole Then (check out her works here) done at the end of August as a birthday gift for myself since I've always been behind the lens and it's been a long while since I've been at the front properly (instagram excluded). I was pretty apprehensive about it, but I decided to go ahead with it since I needed some proper portraits for this site anyway!  I was actually in about 4 different outfits including my own but this sweater has got to be my favorite because it feels so snuggly and it's also when I'm starting to feel more comfortable. Nicole shot on both film and digital. I'm a really hard to photograph subject because of the lack of self confidence and I'm extremely un-photogenic so it was pretty hard to get me to relax but I think Nicole did a pretty good job because some of the photos turned out better than I had expected! Kudos to that (:

My favorite shot has got to be the one with Benji covering half my face (no prizes for guessing why) but partly it's cause I really want to be photographed with something that I love all my life and I figured I really want Benji with me. I had intended to have my entire camera collection with me but the rain foiled the outdoor plans so we shot in the studio. When the time permits, I'll be getting down to a shoot with Kat with my entire collection of cameras, and I can barely wait! :D

I'd probably be updating this space a little lesser now because I've been really busy with shoots and school work and exams are round the corner. Come December I'll have something new for y'all so keep your eyes peeled! (:

Cheers to an awesome end of the year


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For my loved ones

For Eileen, my best friend since 11 years old (: I complied an album of photos since we were 13/14  till her 21st party. I actually do have photos of us since we were 11 but I didn't put those photos in there. All photos by me (: All materials used are of old materials and scraps kept over the years. If you do not know, I really take pride in producing scrapbooks made with scraps entirely (: I try to refrain from buying scrap materials as they are costly, so I really like making use of every bit of junk I find that can be reused.

And a birthday message for the girl with our 14 years old faces (:

This, is for my blood sister from another mother. The girl who grew up with me over the past 21 years minus 1 month and 1 day (the difference in our birth days).

And a small collage of our photos since young! :D You could probably tell that our moms like to make us dress like twins when we were kids. Such fond memories which I'm glad neither of us has forgotten. (:

It's been a long while since I last handmade cards, but here are the two whom I would always make for without fail (even though sometimes the cards are quite badly done) because it has already been a custom for us to exchange cards on our birthdays. This year, it's a little different because it's our 21st and I wanted to do something a little different. My dear Lanna, so sorry I couldn't afford the time to do you a card for your birthday! ): I promise one next year <3

My October, November and December are so packed I can barely breathe. But I'm glad I'm about to clear the last project of my life ever, and I can then properly allocate my time to do bigger and better things. I never knew I could be this much of a workaholic. I can't wait for December, something exciting's brewing! I'll put up the Redang photos in the next post once I'm done working on them. There're so many photos I don't even know how much time I'd need to sift through them.

Hope November has been kind to y'all! It's been real awesome for me (,: