Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Spell (part three)

The beauty beneath the sea in Redang

Here are some photos I absolutely adore from the underwater camera. I'm so glad for its existence even though I complain about its quality more than anything else, I'm thankful for without it, I would be struggling to remember the underwater beauty of all the  seas I've been into.

Lots of dead corals there. I felt really guilty cause I heard or read somewhere before that sunblock actually kills the corals.. I was covered in sunblock from top to toe. ): Hope that's not true!

Trekking the shoreline and cutting our feet so badly while trying to make out way out to see the baby sharks that we got so pissed we walked back after walking a long way out into the sea. Came back to the shore with grazed knees from the rocks beneath and very sore feet from cuts and a bite on my thigh by an unidentified creature.

KPO fishy

Feeding bread loafs

Very disturbed and attracted to this brain looking coral or something that looks a lot like it glows in the dark.

<3 <3 <3

I thought this was a pretty amusing picture with a stranger's bikini bottom there. It's quite disturbing and attention seeking at the same time.

My turn to feed them!
So.. despite being warned its illegal to do that, I caught a fish with the plastic bag used to contain the bread. I didn't kill it of course, I just wanted to challenge if I could swoop a fish up fast enough, and I managed to do that twice with different fishes! ^_^

And yes, the most fascinating part and the highlight of the snorkelling trip. This swarm of fishes, I'm unclear of it's breed but it only lingers around the shore and it surrounds people. Too fast to touch or  to snap a photo with them. See how they surround people standing at the shore!

So that finally sums up my Redang trip in September 2012. Posting these pictures in the middle of the night just makes me miss the place even more. I hope you guys like the pictures, and do visit Redang after the monsoon period! The marine life really puts the ones in Phuket to shame. As much as I would love to dive next time round (since I've snorkeled way too many times), the thought itself frightens me. But I would probably do so the next time round I get to visit a beach location. (: I almost forgot to mention just how much I love it that they are taking very strict measures and precautions to preserve the marine life there and the people take pride in doing so. (,:

The next few posts would probably be more on some of my personal favourite lookbooks shot in 2012. It's a little upsetting that I don't have too much of a personal life to share about because I'm so overwhelmed with work, but I do have more (overdued) posts to share, so I'll put them up accordingly! I'm much more updated on my instagram because it's so convenient and fast, so if you'd like you may follow me on instagram -@smittenpixels.

Have a happy mid-week, y'all!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

In House Fashion

Some old photos of what I took last year for In House Fashion for two different collections. Here are some of the photos I personally liked and the Christmas collection was my first ever night shoot which I'm relatively pleased because it turned out slightly better than I expected.

I've put up one of my favourite lookbooks ever done for Struttt on my tiny portfolio here. It's one of the first few series that I really liked. I'll put up the underwater photos soon! Keep your eyes peeled! <:


Monday, January 21, 2013

Leap of faith

I'm a little in denial that 2012 is over. Whatever happened to the months in between? It still feels a little surreal going through these photos and referring them as "photos taken last year". I remembered when 2012 first kicked in, it didn't start off great but it turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, years of my life. An outburst of emotions because I am truly officially done with school, after having obtained my results last week. I may not have straight distinctions, but I think I fared pretty well for someone who isn't extremely academically inclined and having to juggle work and school.

Now, I’m on my way towards my dreams and working for what I love. I am truly lucky to be able to do what I love doing, to have what I love feed me, and meeting so many different kinds of people. Some, whom I can call as Friends. Nobody once said this road is going to be easy, but I’m not giving up because I can't envision myself doing anything else besides taking photographs for a living. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures more than anything else in love since I was 13, just never once knew this was my calling. I'm so in love with what I do and I'm really grateful. Needless to say, there are times whereby I hate the early morning shoots and rushed deadlines but I know I'm happy when I wake up and I do want to head out to work.

Thank you again to all the greatest people I’ve met through my jobs, and my most supportive friends/ clients-turned-friends for believing in me and helping me in every way possible. 2013, this is our year. I will make it good.

A leap of faith is what’s needed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Summer Spell (part two)


By the way if you are wondering what the cat was doing, it actually just pooped and buried its poop in the sand.

Climbed out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and fought for a relatively good spot on the beach to capture the sunrise, but sadly the weather was pretty bad. So.. this is my sunrise shot with no sun to speak of.

We had our last hearty breakfast and left Laguna Redang (with extremely heavy hearts) and heavy bladder on the 9 hours bus journey back to Kluang where we stayed for another night just for the good food. I love Kluang so much, because I've relatives there, each time we go back they never fail to recommend the bestttttt places for whatever I would like to eat. Everything tastes so good and cheap.

We visited some park that greatly resembles Bukit Timah Nature Reserve because my relative thought that the place has pretty good scenery for photo taking and specially brought me there. But I ended up feeding mozzies and complaining about the heat, and I couldn't even capture a decent photo because I was so frustrated with the mozzies. So we left for some ice cold drinks and thereafter, we visited the goat farm (like we always do). Besides the pungent smell of their poo-poo, I LOVE FARM TRIPS haha and animals never fail to amuse me.

Bunny with yellow paw says "Hi!".

Watching me, watching you, watch me.

And when the sun sets, we took the rail train home! This was my second time and I pretty much liked every bit of it exceptttt the dirty and cranky seats. The best part is not having to get down at the customs to get your passport checked because THEY actually come up to you. So I can continue to sleep/ sit like a boss while they stamp my passport ^^ The first time I took it many many months back I was soooo psyched I could barely contain my excitement and I couldn't stop marvelling at how old the station is. This time round, D came along with me so he was all excited and amazed at the same time.

..... with that, we ended our 4D3N trip to Redang and Kluang and I'm positive I gained a few kilos because I've been eating so much. If you're interested in going to Redang, I would recommend you to stay in Laguna Redang Beach Resort because it's decently good, and the buffet spread at every meal is the bombbbbb. I eat like I've been starved for months everyday.

However, I'm unable to recommend where to book your coach and hotel etc from to get the best rates because I've checked so many sites and tour agencies etc and it's really pricey. Till date, Laguna Redang is the best resort there but I think a new one is coming up/ has already been up and running. We booked everything with the help of our relatively from M'sia and it is extremely cheap. ^_^

Stay tuned for the last and final part where I'll put up the snorkelling photos. You have to see this, because the corals in Redang are so beautiful, it puts those in Phuket to shame.

Happy Mid Week, y'all!