Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yakitori Enmaru

Wagyu Sirloin Steak $9.80 

Menkaijiki $17.80 (swordfish)

Ocha Zuke, $6.80. Which is actually (a tiny bowl of) rice in dash soup with spicy cod roe, with a choice of salmon or plum.

Suuuuuchaaaa cutie! :D

Chicken Thigh in Tare Sauce and Salt $3.6/skew (min 2 skews)

Yakitori Don $17.80. Grilled chicken rice bowl with teriyaki sauce.

Tontoro Pork $3.80/skew

What you don't see. This is what goes on behind every food photo on Instagram hahaha.

D brought me for Yakitori Enmaru some time back because he said the skews, especially the Sirloin steak but I felt that it was just way toooo overpriced and nothing impressive. It's more of the pricing that I'm concerned with, honestly. The food wasn't that bad but I probably wouldn't make a return trip anymore because I could barely fill up tummy, and yes whatever that is pictured was what we had for two. I love dinner dates like this though, and now that the boy has recovered it calls for more outings and happy days again!

You might know that I'm actually doing my photography full-time right now, ever since I've completed my studies in December/ January and I hate how my graduation is only happening in another 2 days. After 10 whopping months of being a.... working adult who has shot so many graduation photoshoots by now (yike I still want to be known as a teenager). It's so silly that the school plans it this way, and to make matters worse... They arranged the graduation dates according to our surnames so I'm literally graduating with a FEW friends because most of my close friends are graduating on other days. I don't see the joy/point in going but the folks insist because after all it's the last of my education journey. Not to mention I'm really grumpz bout the high rental cost of the regalia which I only get to be in it for hmm 2 hours, and I'll have to return in the SAME day.

I'm running a little low on sleep lately to race against time to complete the things on hand and the things I've gotta plan for the year-end so I'm a little grouchy. I don't know how to feel about this whole thing but Happy Graduation to myself I guess?

I missed school, nevertheless. Nothing beats the life of being a student.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

VGY's Lookbook

Wardrobe: Vaingloriousyou
Model: Tricia Ong

Undoubtedly, one of my favourite lookbooks. Tricia is a joy to work with and easy to photograph cause she knows her angles so well and she is just, needless to say, really pretty! This is the second lookbook I shot for VGY and not forgetting Eve, Tricia's assistant, who is so fun and nice to work with as well. I like how the harsh light and strong shadows turned out in some of these photos which is actually a real blessing in disguise.

October is a happy month because apart from acquiring the GoPro, I've also successfully gotten my UWA lens at a steal which I'm incredibly happy! Just yesterday, the boy has also accompanied me out to purchase some new accessories that I could play with and probably one of these nights in this week, we'll bring the stuffs down for a night shoot. My bank statement is protesting, and I've heard it but it's such an addiction. Before I left the shop, the owner (whom I've become real buddy with over the last month) said, "this is poison and you will come back for more soon, you know it!"

Oh good news, D is off his crutches! So yay joy to the world! This means happy days are going to make a comeback, and that all eating/shopping/shooting plans that were halted can all be resumed now. We are going dating this weekend and I am beyond ecstatic cause it's been so long since we could last leave the house together.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Random ramblings and mindless photos

The cousin's Craftholic monkey and my bunny! This photo was taken about 10 months ago. I can't believe I've kept it for that long.

My bleak attempt in making Doldie look adorable with the fruit wrappers. I've seen pictures of pets looking really cute wrapped up but Doldie being an asshole as usual refuses to cooperate.

Moo moo manicured nails done in July specially for my Mr Cow and our Taiwan trip.

A gift for myself for my 22nd birthday this year.

June was an excessively indulgent month because I splurged on 2 itemsc that I've been saving up for a long time. My first bag ever and I've chosen the Lady Dior and I love the red, and the X100s which I am head over heels in love with.

My most recent acquisition all thanks to a client turned friend (:

A whole slew of mindless photos because I'm clearing up my hard disk and these photos deserve to see the light after being stashed in my hard disk for a considerable amount of time. These are some of my favourite possessions for the time being, and I guess it's always good to reward yourself every now and then for working hard, and for earning your own keeps.

Hope everyone's holding up well for October! I'm looking forward to the birth of November because I've got lots of plans and ideas in mind that I can't wait to execute as well as the boy's birthday. This month has also been a month of change for me, some of which are personal and I am only sharing with my close ones. Apart from that, I've also recently acquired a new gopro hero3+ and if all goes well, I'll also be getting my really really long awaited ultra wide angle baby.... which I am so frigggin' excited for because it's one of my most coveted lens ever and I think my trip in November found me another reason to bring this dream a step closer.

Last but not least, a big big thank you to all who participated in the Flight To Forever giveaway on Facebook! It's a real delight seeing the response from hundreds of you guys interested in the shoot (: We will be getting down to choosing one lucky winner this weekend and the results will be announced on Monday, 21st October at 8pm. I sincerely thank everyone of you who has made this a success.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bobbi Brown 2013

*Group picture credits to: Shenny Yang

A week ago, I got to attend the exclusive launch of Bobbi Brown's Holiday 2013 collection held at Ngee Ann City with Peiling and bumped into the rest of all these gorgeous girls I knew over the past one year through photoshoots. I am still amazed at how well the ladies on the runway could be in such good shape even in their forties and it was nice being a little more in touch with makeup and stuffs even though I don't get the chance to pile on much due to the nature of my job.

It certainly was nice coming home and unwrapping the freebies gifted by Bobbi Brown, and I cannot wait to try out their luscious red lipstick which looks really promising and their gel eyeliner which I've heard many raving about before.

I hope you week's been good! One last reminder to participate in our Flight To Forever Giveaway on Facebook whereby one winner gets a 2 hour couple photoshoot with their other half along with hair and makeup service as well as an outfit of your choice kindly sponsored by Agneselle. It's a collaboration put together by our team (: This giveaway is only open till this Saturday 19th October, 1159pm and we will announce the winner on 21st October, 8pm!

Click here for more information/ to participate!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One more reason to hold you closer

Makeup and hair: Pearlyn Law Makeup & Hairstyling

Well, I've been lagging behind on my posts for so long and this series is finally seeing the light. I deserve a little pat for catching up a little now. This is a little documentation of Weili and Junwen over a short session in the late noon few months back. Weili is such model material, she is incredibly tall and blessed with really fair and beautiful skin. Funny how Pearlyn had insisted that Junwen must be in his early 20s and probably is still serving the nation because of his tanned skin and young appearance. It was really nice speaking to them and getting to know their story. The two of them have been together for close to a decade since their school days.

And when I asked what it was like being in a relationship like this for so long, they said that they have known each other so well now that buying gifts for each other is so hard because they just know what each other are planning but it's not coincidence that two can stay in love and eventually get to the day of settling down, knowing that they want no one else but each other. They are getting married next year, and I'm really really happy for them. Despite having already done their pre-wedding shoot, Weili said she wanted to engage me to shoot a casual one for her because she likes my works. They've been really kind towards me, and the kind of gratitude and happiness they expressed when they received the photos is one of the reasons why I can never give up my job.

There are times when I feel so shaken and even doubtful of myself and my works. I'm sure we all have gone through phases/times like these. But I just want to bear in mind how there are people who appreciate what I do, and that even though my works are not the most fantastic or mindblowing around,  I know it has made people happy and that I've created a set of pictures that they can always look back on fondly.