Monday, April 21, 2014

This time is forever, love is the answer (part one)

"And maybe we can find our own slice of heaven close to the sun."

For three days before this shoot, I was praying fervently for good weather and for everything to go smoothly. This always happen prior to a shoot and my brain goes into an overdrive. 

The other time I had a shoot at the same location, the sun was completely hidden behind the clouds so I was really hoping for a miracle that day. Prayers do work wonders. Jane and Daniel had painstakingly prepped a number of props they would like to feature for the shoot and they were so full of hope for the day. I rarely had to give directions to the couple. When the evening glow from the sun became more pronounced towards the later time in the evening, Jane and I could a barely contain our excitement together. The most magical moment is evident in the last photo- the sun rays igniting where their lips touched. 

I have pretty sensitive skin, and trudging through tall grasses for shoots often result in itch around the feet area and I'm often deadbeat at the end of a shoot from all the running to and fro across the big field. The entire day was worth it, and the golden light that lit up the entire field was breathtaking coupled with the chemistry between Jane and Daniel made it all the more extraordinary. 

I'll share more about their story in the second part of the post.

Keep your eyes peeled (:

Thank you once again to everyone who has participated in the Rakuten giveaway! I've narrowed down the three winners and I'll be contacting you guys by email over the next few days. Do give me some time to sort out my stuffs. 

Good week ahead everyone!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rakuten SG

If you haven't already known.... Rakuten has finally launched in Singapore!

What is Rakuten?
Rakuten, Inc. is one of the world's leading e-commerce companies and they just had a soft launch on 3rd December 2013 in Singapore, providing local consumers and businesses an e-commerce platform providing high quality merchandises from both Japanese and Singaporean merchants. They offer a wide array of products ranging from electronics, apparels, beauty products, food and beverages etc..! High quality merchandise shipped from Japan to suit local consumers not readily available on other e-commerce sites. In addition, registered members stand to earn Rakuten Super Points loyalty programme.

Rakuten provides other e-commerce services for B2B, B2B2C and even travel!

If you are a fan of japanese products (like me!), you would be happy to know that you literally have a one stop station for all your shopping and necessities!


When Rakuten launched in December 2013, I had the privilege of shopping for gifts for myself, as well as MY READERS! <:

Here's what's for you guys!


YES,  A nano block camera in the beautiful red! No kidding. I wish I could keep this for myself, but I didn't and I'm giving ONE of this away to you guys!


A briefcase camera pouch. which I cannot help but kept one for myself. :D Even my mom loves this. Hehe

Another camera pouch in the shape of a vintage camera! I kept this for myself as well <: It doesn't just work as a camera pouch, you can even double it up as coin pouch!

How to be eligible for the giveaway?

To qualify,
1) Sign up for an account for FREE at Rakuten Singapore's Website HERE. 

2) Like Rakuten SG's Facebook Page
3) Like Smittenpixels Photography's Facebook Page


4) Drop me an Email @

  • With the header:   Rakuten Giveaway
  • Pass me the email address that you have used to sign up for the Rakuten account for verification purposes
  • With the print screen to indicate that you have liked Smittenpixels Photography's Facebook account 
  • This is optional but it is also a BONUS: But you may tell me anything about yourself, and how you started reading this space so that I can get to know more about you. (:

Giveaway ends on 19th April 2014 23:59.

I will choose 3 winners in total, 1 of you will walk away with the Nanoblock camera, and the other 2 will be receiving the adorable camera pouches. 

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! (: I will be emailing the 3 winners in the next few days! :D

Do visit Rakuten Singapore and embark on your shopping spree now!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

For the boy's 25th

In an attempt to document down the process of me hand-making a scrapbook last year for D's 25th birthday, which obviously didn't follow through. I had wanted to combine these images into a video, but time got the upper hand and I was basically racing against it throughout the month I spent doing this.

It's been a long time since I last handcrafted, because each scrapbook takes me a few months to do at least but it's what I love doing since I was 16, and I pride myself in the fact that I use mostly scrap materials I find at home and cheap stickers that I source and collect over time cause I don't believe in overspending on these materials when I can make myself or find cheaper alternatives. I am lucky too, to have found someone who loves handmade gifts more than material goods. Never once have I had someone who bugs me to do make a card or scrapbook for him as much as D did, and I'm blessed.


As promised, I will be doing a giveaway in my next post! Stay tuned because I have some really adorable gifts up for grabs! <:


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love is not a state of being. It's a house that takes up the whole world.

Angela and Greg may be no stranger to you at all. Angela is the owner of Lace & Ebony, and the blogger ambassador of Etude House. You might even remember seeing quite a bit of her on my space before because I love working with her over the past one year, and we always have this sort of chemistry and the same end in mind that we want for the images. I've also met Greg through our photoshoots which he will find time to come and help Angela out as and when his time permits. It's really nice because Greg has always come off as a really quiet person to me, but over time, we've found common grounds for our topics and I've also witnessed the love and dedication between these two busy individuals and how much effort they put in to balance every aspects in life just so they would have sufficient time for each other.

They are without a doubt, one of the easiest couples to shoot till date. I said so because, I barely needed to guide them and I will find them lost in their own conversations and each other. All that is needed is for me to find a corner and snap away. We got lucky with the petals that we found along the way and put it to good use. The last shot is undoubtedly one of my favourite shots ever. (: The unexpected things do turn out to be the best at times.


I shot Angela and Greg way more than half a year ago in 2013 (I'm really trying to keep up with my updates!), and over this half a year I've had the privilege of meeting more crazy, kind and gorgeous couples and made more photographs I could share on this space. In the next few months, I've aplenty of exciting new plans coming up and it will be a matter of time before all of you get to share my joy together.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Adv: Simplicity Nails

My recent obsession with any and everything white has got me to choose this set of white-based gelish as my new nails. I love it that over the course of the past few months, Trina has got to know me better that she was able to guess what I'd like and propose the designs to me. It was a pleasant surprise when we came to consensus on a set of Chanel inspired nails. This set features a variety of designs that both of us had in mind, with the middle finger drawn and painted to be a Chanel Jacket and my pinky with my name 'Fee'. (: My other favourite is the camelia flower on my fourth finger. That, is no sticker! Everything was hand drawn.

All due credit to the talented Trina from Simplicity Nails for this crazily pretty set which I've gotten countless compliments for. My friends literally grab my hands and ask me who did them for me. (:

Simplicity Nails is located at the western side of Singapore, so all you westies please look for her should you like to do your nails! I promise you it wouldn't disappoint!