Thursday, August 29, 2013

Advertorial: Purbelle

Wardrobe: Purbelle
Model: Madeleine Tan
Photographed: Fiona Sng

Just last week, I had a reunion with a friend because she is launching her very own blogshop- Purbelle! My friend, Dirisa, has invested a lot in the birth of her new online store and has engaged me to shoot for her debut launch. It was also an honour being able to work with Madeleine, because she is a commercial model and it's the very first time she is modelling for an online store. Dirisa has also put in a lot of effort in manufacturing her very own clothing for Purbelle, and you have to keep a lookout for it's launch on the 2nd September at 8pm (just four days away)!

Stand a chance to win SGD$10 vouchers and Laneige Firming Sleeping Packs! This giveaway is open internationally to everyone. It's really easy, all you have to do is:

1) Like Purbelle's Facebook Page: Here
2) Like & Share the debut launch: Here
3) Leave a "Liked and Shared" comment on the FB post to indicate that you've done the required! :D

There'll be 3 lucky winners who will walk away with the highly raved sleeping pack and 5 lucky winners will get a SGD$10 voucher each! Giveaway ends on Wednesday, 4th September 1159pm.

Good luck ladies!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chaceylove x Rchlwngx


Wardrobe: Chaceylove

Some mid-week eye candy for all of you guys! It's a pleasure being able to work with her again after about a year ever since our first collaboration, and Rach is really fun to work with. I think Acelyn, Rachel and I had more time laughing and playing around then shooting. Here're some photos of Chaceylove's Chaceylove x Rchlwngx collection and Acelyn wanted it to emit the korean feel as much as possible and I like how it turned out!


Monday, August 26, 2013


1. Toby's Estate

Toby's with my P.P.Gs many many months back and I am still relishing the Prawn Aglio Olio! It is located by the river along Robertson Quay. I honestly can barely remember that much now since it's been so many months (and I know when my girls see this they will be like "Wtf?") but I'll always be in awe of the coffee machine in there which we couldn't help but marvel at.

Toby's Estate
8 Rodyk Street $01-03/04
Tel: 6636 7629

2. The Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza
The Sushi Bar at Far East plaza is a must visit! It is located at a little corner of FEP on the 3rd level, which we had a little trouble finding even though it was my cousin's second visit here. This very day we were out, we were on a mission to have our japanese meal cravings satisfied and she said she must bring me to this place to have the Chirashi Don (pictured below).

If you are a huge fan of japanese sashimi like my cousin and I, especially swordfish, you have to try this! It was soooo yummy and creamy and just......wonderful in every way you can think of. I wish it came with more slices though.

Chirashi Don $24.90

This is the Chirashi Don! Every piece in there was oozing with freshness and the salmon belly It's like heaven on a platter! All of my/ our favourites are in this bowl. It was so so good. Not forgetting the scallops!!! Those were rad. <3 I can't even express how much I would love to have this everyday. 

I have no idea why I can't seem to locate the picture of the Sirloin Steak ($14.90 for 100grams) that we had. It's lightly seared on the outside and all tender and sweet (and red) on the inside! So hella juicy and soft, you must have this if you are a huge fan of beef steak! Yumz.

The Sushi Bar
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
#03-89, s(228213)
Tel: 9625 0861

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sat: 12pm-  930pm

3. Habitat Coffee

Cheesynara $16
The friend I was with had this and said it was good but I honestly haven't tried so I'm unsure but it looks as good as it sounded, and not to mention, sinful. 

Actually what I loved most about Habitat Coffee is the Red Velvet Cake ever since Kat brought me over for brunch. It's ze best. A little pricey but the slice is so huge and it's so good.You have to try their cakes when you visit them!

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road
S (574355)
Tel: 6456 2567

Opening Hours:
Tues- Fri: 11am- 1030pm
Sat & Sun- 1030am- 1030pm
Closed on Mondays

4. House @ Dempsey
So, the bestie and I set out for high tea one fine noon and I'm always impressed by her choice of places because ever since work caught up with me, I've been so dull and outdated with all the new eateries that she literally has to bring me out for lunch dates to pretty places. (:

My best friend! :D
The P.P.Gs always complain that my plate is always the ugliest because I like ugly food but noooo I just don't bother arranging them nicely before I take pictures nor am I only into pretty food. I like to eat..... everything so I pile it all on the same plate.
What a mess, I know.

Soooo preeeeddy! I liked how quaint this place is, except that it is crowded as hell because business is really good for them! Everything's vintage looking and extremely pretty, and the kind of things served during the high tea are pretty much pastries which I do like, but not a major fan of. I'm very much of a proper-meal-person. The selection is pretty wide, and I would go back again if it wasn't because Dempsey is really out of the way for me. (: It really is a nice place for you and your girlfriends to soak up the vintage atmosphere and catch up on life over a meal.

House @ Dempsey
8D Dempsey Road
Tel: 6475 7787

Opening Hours:

Lunch & Tea
Mon- Fri: 12pm-6pm

Vintage High Tea
Thurs & Fri: 3pm-530pm

Mon- Sun: 6pm-1030pm

Saturday: 11am- 4pm 
Sunday: 9am- 4pm

5. Folk's Collective


Needless to say, the place is gorgeous as hell. I love how the colours blend together with a quirky touch and a vintage feel. We spoke to the staff there and we were told that every single furniture, even the brick walls, are shipped over from Thailand! Talk about true authenticity. You probably couldn't tell that actually serves Thai cuisines only. The staffs there are all Thais as well, and they are extremely courteous and friendly!

The Agneselle team ordered a bowl of Tomyum soup, probably a must have in every Thai restaurants, to share and we love it! Not too spicy but sour enough to whet your appetite.
Our individual set lunches ($9.90) came in stacked tins, served the old fashioned way! It's really cute, but the serving's pretty small. It may be just nice for girls but a little insufficient if you are a big eater.

You get to choose what you would like for your set lunch and here's ours:
Egg Omelette!
and the Green Curry! Food was pretty alright I would say, nothing over the top good but we are happy with our meal! (:

and lastly, the Mango Sticky Rice that Peiling ordered because the waiter strongly recommended it. I like it, and I'm not even a fan of Mango Sticky Rice but I snucked a few mouthfuls (:

Before I forget, we also had the Coconut Ice Cream which was recommended. IT WAS REAL GOOD, and I seriously have no idea why I could miss taking a picture of it. I've heard countless reviews about the coconut ice cream at Chatuchak being really good and I honestly haven't had a chance to try, but the coconut ice cream here would suffice. The staffs mentioned that it's made fresh and that it is really nice. Thankful that we heeded her recommendation. The ice cream is so thick and milky, and it melts really slowly. The taste of the coconut was really strong, but not overpowering. (: Give it a try when you pop by!

Folks Collective
20 Cross Street
#01-25 China Square Central
S (048422)
Tel: 6536 6739

So phew, I've finally completed this post that took me forever to compile over the many months because all my food pictures have been scattered all over the place in different cameras. I was supposed to put this up way earlier but work was in the way. Can't wait for the next short getaway again! I need a breather and some time for myself. I'll put up the next post in 2 days' time. Time to scoot out for dinner with the boy.

Happy Monday!