Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 21st, Fee

One of my favorite images; lighting up of Kong Ming Deng in Kukup

So, I'd be 21 when the clock strikes 12 tonight. When I was young, I dreamt of parties and huge celebrations and that I'd ask for everything in the world on my 21st but now that it's here, it's just another day to me now and I dread growing up.

My friends expected me to throw a party this year but all I wanted was a getaway. I've been lucky to have had big surprise parties planned for me when I turned sweet 16 and 18, and there's nothing more I could ask for. This year, I want nothing more than a quiet birthday and simple dinner with my friends. I wanted to depart on the day itself and explore new land but work and exams do not permit that. My mom has been really kind to plan an overseas trip for me in September and one possibly at the end of the year/ beginning of next year because of school. 20th birthday was the most painful birthday I've ever been through and it left me scarred, it changed my life forever. But this year, it opened my eyes to new possibilities and brought my mom and I closer and I'm really touched by what she has done for me. I'm lucky to be able to end my exams tonight and cut myself some slack for a day before work piles up again. It's quite an emotional day for me because this day last year I was a complete wreck and when I think back at times, I still break down. But time sure has its way of making one feel better. Here I am, in disbelief of all that has happened, stronger and wiser than I was before. I know better things are waiting for me out there.

I've learnt to find joy within.

Here's to a joyous August, and a happy birthday to myself.




Jovelle Goh said...

Happy Birthday! <3

Pei Ling said...

Happy Belated Birthday Fiona! I had a wonderful time lighting up the Kong Ming Deng last year in Kukup too. Stay happy always!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday fee :) xx

Anonymous said...

So glad you stepped out of those scary days. Days will nv be worse than those. Enjoy your key to adult world! Have great fun! Look forward to more beautiful captures!

Happy birthday pretty!


Fiona Sng said...

Jovelle: Once again, thank you so much Jovelle! (:

Amanda: Hehe thank you Mands!!!!! <:

Peiling: Hi Peiling! I'm not sure if you're the same Peiling that fixed a shoot with me in November, but thank you so much! <: Im sure you had an equally wonderful experience with the Kong Ming Deng! Stay happy too xx

Fang: Awww, thank you Fang for your kind words. (,: Thank you, I hope I wouldn't fall back into those days again! Thank you once again! <3