Saturday, August 25, 2012

We Are The Furballs!

Slinky, the Daschund, who slept throughout our visit there and only woke up occasionally to find another spot to sleep in.

Duchess, the champion of all. Check out her sleeping positions below.

Lulu looking at how Duchess sleeps

D's favorite girl- Yuki-chan!!

Bui Bui's bacccckside. :D

See how Yuki-chan blends in with Des's pants.

Giving her a head massage


Super huggable and heavy Bui Bui

Sleeping like a dead log.... and she refuses to budge.

***cue for "awwwww"*** Look at how Yuki-chan licked his nose! He was smitten with her ever since.

We Are The Furballs
45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765

Opening hours:
Sun- Thurs: 1230pm- 930pm
Fri, Sat and Eve of PHs- 1230pm- 11pm

View more about We Are The Furballs HERE.

After our first visit to WTF, D has been bugging me to bring him back to this place and he said he wants to spend his birthday there. Yuki-chan really stole his heart. I'm very much a dog person and going to WTF completely makes my day except the fact that it was a little crowded that day and the dogs were sleepy. It would have been better if they were all toilet trained. The owners were exceptionally lovely and cheery people and it was really nice meeting them. For a small amount of entrance fee, you get a cup of $2.50 bubble tea and to play with six of their fur balls ( all of which are currently still little pups)! The owners said they would be bringing in three more fur balls soon!

Now you know what you've been missing out if you haven't been there... (:

Have fun, folks!



Anonymous said...

How much is the small fee, may i know! Very keen to go! THank you! :)

Fiona Sng said...

If I didn't remember wrongly it's $7.50 on weekends (: