Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend getaway in Kukup

# Living on stilt houses with holes for toilet bowls and watching your pee hit the mudskippers when its low tide
# Mahjong/ Karaoke/ Hthts
# Sparklers, Kong Ming Dengs, Fireworks
# Visiting kelong fish farms and boat rides
# Seafood feast and lots of booze
# Understanding the locals' lifestyle and their efforts in environmental conservation

That summed up a short weekend getaway to Kukup with the homies for Pong's 21st celebration (: Lifestyle in Kukup is really simple, but the fun we had together makes up for everything.

Cheers to more overseas trips together.



Wenhui said...

The place looks breathtaking! And how come all my friends seem to be going to Kukup recently?? Haha.

Fiona Sng said...

Haha, I promise pictures are deceiving... /: It's nice there, but I would say pictures make it look nicer! The water really isn't clean at all, in fact the sea stinks badly but it's the simple lifestyle there that's fun! Haha cause it's pretty cheap and SO NEAR! <: