Sunday, February 24, 2013

Young, Wild and Free

Model: Naomi Neo
Hair/ Makeup: Pearlyn Law

Naomi and Pearlyn are both people whom I've met through my photography journey over the last 6 months, and they are people I really like working with. Two months back, Naomi approached me because she wanted to revamp her site with new photos and she told me that she used to skate/cruise a lot. It was really really fun because both Pearlyn and I could tell just how much Naomi loves her board and skating, and I just let her be.....Her. No prizes for guessing where we picked up the supermarket trolley, but it certainly made us all crazy and excited and I happily pushed her around before continuing the shoot.

Also, I'm loving the two different looks on Naomi. Loving the darker side of Naomi. Kudos to Pearlyn for being awesome as always! (: I'm also amazed at how models are able to bear with the noon heat when being asked to put on outer layers **gives thanks that I'm not model material**. I really really like this series, I hope y'all like it too!


Can't believe February is almost over! There's just so much I've yet to accomplish but I'm glad I'm starting to break a little out of my comfort zone. And thank you to all nice and warm messages/comments coming my way to check if I'm alright. I'm much better now, and I promise to only be stronger from this very day onwards. There's so much positivity in me, I can't wait for all the good to start unfolding and to focus on nothing but work. I only pray for a restful sleep at night because I haven't been sleeping well at all, I dream lucid dreams and I wake up feeling all tired and sick everyday. 

May March be kinder to us all!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Major selling post

Zipper Back Skater Dress
Fits UK 8-10
Brand new not worn

ziggy dress white mollyfromspace 30.50
White Ziggy Dress
Fits UK 6-8

Tiffany Off Shoulder Dress 27

Tiffany Off Shoulder Dress 27-1
AE Tiff Off Shoulder Dress
Brand New, Not Worn
Fits UK 6-8

twiggy-swirl-sundress 32sgd

twiggy-swirl-sundress 32sgd (2)
LB Twiggy Sundress
Fits UK6-10

schiffer-shorts 28sgd-1

schiffer-shorts 28sgd
LB Schiffer Shorts
Fits UK8-10
Runched multi-panel skirt 8.80usd

Runched multi-panel skirt 8.80usd-1
Forever 21 runched multi panel skirt 
Fits UK8-10

Lilac top 25sgd

lilac top
VGY Lilac Scallop Top
Fits UK 6-8
Only worn once

Leopard metal ring tube 20.70 usd

Leopard metal ring tube 20.70 usd-1
F21 leopard tube ring
Fits UK6-8
$15 mailed

Kyrie Electro blue dress $27

Kyrie Electro blue dress $27-1
EGP Electro Blue Dress
Fits UK6-10

Jade Romper 26.50
JM Jade Green Romper
Fits UK6-8
Floral applique cream dress 26.90usd x 1.42

Floral applique chiffon dress 26.90usd
F21 Chiffon Dress
Fits UK8-10
ella belted silky top3

ella belted silky top
F21 Ella Belted Top
Fits UK6-10
Inclusive of belt
Draped knit dress 19.80usd

Draped knit dress 19.80usd-2

Draped knit dress 19.80usd-1
F21 Draped Knit Dress
Fits UK6-small 10

denim crop top in dark wash 27

denim crop top in dark wash 27-1
AE Denim Cropped Top
Fits UK 6-small 10

Poppy Cuffed Shorts
Fits UK 8

Abstract woven top 24.80usd x 1.36

Abstract woven top 24.80usd x 1.36-1
F21 Abstract Woven Top
Fits UK 6-10


F21 Floral Skirt
Fits UK 6-8

F21 Polka Dot Shorts
Fits UK8-10

#1 All prices stated are NON NEGOTIABLE. Everything is already dirt cheap.
#2 I will not be responsible for lost normal mails.
#3 Items that are being put up are of good or otherwise acceptable condition.
#4 No further measurements will be provided. Please try to gauge from the pictures.

Please help to support! ): My wardrobe barely has anymore space for me to keep all of these items!

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