Saturday, September 8, 2012

Catwalkclose; Style Nouveau

Wardrobe: Catwalkclose
Model: Si Ting

Hello all, hope y'all are enjoying your September so far! My holidays has been pretty full on which explains my 7-day-hiatus, and sad to say, it has ended. This is by far, my most fulfilling one ever (and one that I've obtained the least amount of sleep in my life). But busy is the new happy, so I shall not grumble. Redang was crazily beautiful on a whole new level, winning Phuket hands down for its beach experience albeit "boring" (in comparison to Phuket) in terms of zero partying but beer + good live band + sea breeze was all that I needed. Not forgetting the fact that I stuffed myself silly with the food there *cringe*. Can't wait to share more about it!

Oh, by the way this was an outdoor shoot with CWC for their Style Nouveau collection approximately a month ago and it was my first time working with them, and Si Ting is sooo gorgeous, I can't stop feasting my eyes on her ^_^ I really like the second lookbook that I shot for them much more but I've yet to be done with the pictures so this should suffice for now. I promise more regular updates now that I'm back.

Thank you for reading, guys! And if there's anything, you may reach me via the comment box or my email- ^^