Sunday, September 16, 2012

Magazine Giveaway #1

Hi all, I'm really apologetic about this late giveaway which I've promised months back. As I've mentioned previously, these are my favorite magazines that provided me with some of the knowledge I know now, and they have really interesting photo challenges/ DIY projects for you to try on your own. Some of these magazines even include Photoshop tutorial, which I'm sure is what most of us are hankering after. Please do not mind that the magazines aren't new issues and are pretty backdated, but the technical skills and all that they teach will never go out of fashion. I still do flip the magazines stash every now and then for inspiration (:

However, this first giveaway will only consist of 2 magazines above which will be mailed out to two readers only. I still need more time to sort through my collection ( major issue with parting with my belongings) and jotting down whatever I still do need in them, and I only managed to pick out these two as of now.

How to win an issue? All you have to do is to:
1) Leave me with your real name and email ( I do not really check on my readers, but I feel that at the very least you should let me know of your real identity and be honest).
2) Let me know when did you start reading Smittenpixels and how did you chance/ know about this space.
3) What keeps you reading and what would you like to see more often.

It's that easy! I'd pick 2 of the comments that catches my attention the most. Winners will be notified by email and I'd require your address by then. No worries, no other terms and conditions attached. I just feel that since I don't really read through them much anymore, I should share them with people who are really nice and keen to learn.

I hope it helps y'all as much as it helped me! Note: Submission ends 19th September 2012.


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