Saturday, September 29, 2012

Retro Hearts Lookbook

Wardrobe: Catwalkclose
Model: Si Ting
MUA: Pearlyn Law

This is easily my favorite lookbook by far. I love how everything falls together- the vintage theme, Si Ting's professionalism, the outfits, the hair and makeup and the cafe + cars. Don't be fooled by Si Ting's looks, it rained while we were on the last outfit and she grabbed an umbrella and dashed out into the rain. It's not that she hasn't amazed me enough previously, but it was a bloody heavy rain... My amazement was brought to a whole new level. (:

It's been a mad hectic week for me but I'm glad that my project deadlines are slightly later than I thought of them to be. It seems like I've just been given a tiny breathing space and to do what I'd like to do in between. D and I haven't had an adventure day for a really really long time, but recently, we've had just a bit of time at night to head to take night cityscape and I can't wait to share the photos. Both of us are juggling school + work so it really hasn't been easy. We're hitting our first year next month. Time really does flies!

I'll be back with more food porn + personal photos! (: Keep your eyes peeled!



Amanda said...

loved this one, my fave and your best set so far! :)

Fiona Sng said...

It's my favorite too!! <: <: Yay! Tq!!

Cheyenne said...

Omg love this set a lot! The model & the theme are perfect. And I mad love the vintage edits! Let's go shoot one day x

Fiona Sng said...

Yeeeees definitely love! <: And thank you for your kind words! :D