Monday, September 24, 2012

What's in my bag?

I've been swamped with so much work (6 projects this trimester... I'm not kidding), and I'm trying my hardest to balance work, school, life and of course, keeping this space updated. So here's a what's in my bag post that I've been wanting to put up for forever and it's timely now since I don't have the time to get down to edit all my backdated series.

Basically, these are usually what can be found in my bag. No photograph of my bag cause I switch bags very frequently but the usuals are- Wallet, iPod, Phone, Cigg, Lighter, Keys, Ibank device! A hair tie is a must for me cause I like to bun my hair a lot when I'm out especially during shoots cause the weather is too warm. I'll never leave house without my watch, it has become a habit and a must-have accessory. I bought the watch for myself as my 21st gift (I think I overused my 21st as a reason to get myself too much gifts) and I will always get a new watch during my birthday ever since 4 years ago..

I love shades but I tend to forget them when I'm heading to school and all but when I'm out on weekends and all, shades is something I'll never forget. Last but not least, if you know me well, you'll know I'm too much of a perfume girl and I will never ever leave house without smelling nice and bringing the bottle out with me. A girl should always smell good. Now you know why my bag weighs a ton.... think DSLR (not pictured, but almost always with me whenever possible), and perfume bottle /: I managed some pictures of my perfume collection lately, I'll put them up soon!

Not forgetting my organizer (not pictured), because I don't really bring it out on weekends and all. But it's something I cannot live without cause almost everything I need to remember is in there and I need it to plan my schedule with shoots and school deadlines properly. (:

Just realized this is pretty wordy for a supposedly simple and meaningless post. Evidently, it's just a tiny attempt to keep this space going.

Till time finds its way back to my side!



Wenhui said...

I like your wallet!! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi! I read that you would put up a perfume post soon. Can you do a post of your bags too? I seriously got no idea where to find nice and affordable bags in Singapore!

Fiona Sng said...

Wenhui: Thanks love! <: You should see how it looks like in real life... SO DIRTY ): Photos are deceiving! Haha

Anon: Hello! Hmmm I'm not too sure cause I don't have any really really nice bags either! Tbh, I hardly buy bags! I alternate between my trusty crumplier for shoots, Longchamp for school, occasionally Prada when I'm heading out! Other than that, my bags are brand-less. I bought some of them off blogshops! As dodgy as Bugis Street may seem, I did stop quite a number of nice bags there! Try Bugis street? <:

Anonymous said...

hi, what perfume are you using now? (:

Fiona Sng said...

Hi, I have quite a number of perfumes but hmm I have:

1) DiorAddict2 (the one in the picture)
2) Versace Bright Crystals
3) Chanel Chance
4) Ferragamo Marry Me
5) Chloes (the first and the second, which is the beige one and green one)
6) Love, Chloe (another Chloe)
7) D&G Number 3
8) Lanvin Eclat d'Arpège
9) Calvin Klein In2You Heat
10) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
11) Narciso Rodriguez For Her
12) Incanto Shine

Oh hmm I just realized that's quite a lot. I used to have more but I finished using them. But my favorites are: All three bottles of Chloes, D&G Number 3 (!!!!!!), Lanvin Eclat.I used to love the Versace a lot, but i've been using it for 5 years..

Hahaha hope I answered your question!