Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winners of the giveaway

A big thank you to all who participated in the giveaway. As much as possible, I try not to disappoint  so I'm hereby giving away three magazines instead of two. They are unintentionally, from different magazine brands and therefore has entirely different offerings. I hope whatever you received, would be useful for you (:

Winners of the giveaway:
1) Wei Ling
2) Rosental
3) Andria

Dear girls, please check your email/ junk mail (just in case my email gets in there) as I'll be replying to all of you by today! (:


On a side note, with regards to the commonly asked questions/emails/comments that I've been receiving, I'll be answering some of them here.

1) I am using a Nikon D800 now, and I used to use a Nikon D90. Yes, I do use Photoshop to edit my photos and everything that I know is self-taught.

2) Benji (my D800) goes almost everywhere with me and I usually just sling it around my neck or carry my trusty crumpler out. And yes, it's a chore but it's a sweet burden hahaha *cheesy*.

3) I hardly use my film/ lomo cameras now and I definitely do not have adequate knowledge to answer all of your enquiries on that. I still have three more rolls of films waiting to be developed but I'm a little lazy to bring them to the lab currently. Once I clear the three rolls and buy more, I'll bring the cameras out again.

4) Electrofever has been locked up for good and no, I won't be unlocking it ever again. It was never intended to be locked but as I've mentioned previously, I really don't like the idea of it being used as a go-to-inspiration-source, especially when memories there should remain untouched. If you've been reading my LJ back then till now, you'd know that I've always been pretty secretive about some of the places I visit especially when it takes a lot of research for me to discover the place and lots of time and inconvenience in GETTING there. There are lots and lots of unseen hard work and effort being placed behind every photo shoot adventure. Thus, I'd like to keep some of the locations exclusive to my friend and I. If there's completely no exclusivity, it would be a bore for everyone isn't it? Besides, none of these places are crowned "good photo shoot locations". While for some locations, I may be alright with sharing but that may not apply to my friend who did the research and recce before bringing me there.

It's all about finding beauty in places no one has thought of, or even in places where you'd pass by everyday but never once gave a second look. It's all about appreciation. (: Likewise, I'm sure there are other beautiful spots that you know of but we don't. Please do respect the amount of work we input and the decision to remain exclusive.

Have a happy weekend!


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Amanda said...

well said, and congrats on the giveaway!