Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lounging around

In September (I know I'm very backdated, I'm still trying!), D got us a room at Studio M for a staycation together which we were blessed enough to get at a much discounted rate. Yipppie!

I think this is probably the first time my pink luggage is making its appearance here on the site! It's the cheapest bargain ever when I visited Shanghai last year, and after much skilled haggling of the mom, I got this for about 20SGD or less! Also, loving the two luggage tags that I purchased from Taiwan.

Cutesy nails credit to the talented Simplicity Nails! Do check out her works (:

The whole point of this photo is...... the nails.

We spent the first half day in the room shooting for a blogger/friend- Shanice! I'll share her portraits in the next entry! (:

After wrapping up the shoot and preparing to head out for dinner, we spent a little bit of time in the room just fooling around with both my cameras which is evident in this photo here. D wanted to try his hands on being a photographer and mastering it.

I obviously, was the guinea pig.

I cannot reiterate how much I love the concept of Studio M hotel despite having been here a couple of times, but this being my first time staying in here. I'm always climbing up and down everywhere and walking on the table beside the glass window. I love how wide and tall the glass windows are and the entire white concept. Exactly how I love my room to be, without the glass windows. I hope that happens for my future house. (:

Mandatory OOTD shot because I loveeeee how the entire outfit looked altogether, and also a little bit of a shameless advertising for my dear friend who owns www.eleventhparade.tumblr.com. If you like this top, that is where you should head to to purchase. Thank you my dearest Tinglei and Florence for gifting it to me as a birthday present. Would have looked better if I lost some weight.

But well, it's pretty impossible for me to lose weight. Look where D brought me for dinner! (:

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant
Paragon, #05-42/45
290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859

Looking at this at 11:55pm makes me salivate. We will never ever, ever tire of this. Every single time this dish is served, we literally pounce on it like we've been starved. So juicy and the skin is so crispy. I do not take duck dishes usually, but this is the exceptional bomb.

We usually order the duck and then asked to have the remaining served with fried rice. So they will dice the remaining portion into tiny bits and serve it to you with the fried rice. It's way more than enough to fill both our tummies usually. You have to give this place a try if you haven't. Like it's name suggested, it's indeed famous for its peking duck!


It's always always a dread checking out the very next day. Hate having to peel ourselves out of the bed and facing reality and the impending monday blues.

It was drizzling and we decided to take some time out and roam the pool area. We haven't had the time to swim during our stay. It's a great place for shoots too actually..... if you can evade the staffs I guess; unless you have the permission. I've shot there twice and I loved how the photos turned out.

My baby holding my other baby. <3

Right after we checked out, we were hit by hunger pangs. The nearest place I could think of was..... Five and Dime! Been here a few times, and I love the food but I wish the menu was a little more extensive.

297 River Valley Road. Singapore 238338.
Tel: 9236 5002


Monday - Thursday : 12pm - 10pm
Friday : 12pm - 12am
Saturday : 10am - 12am
Sunday : 10am - 10pm


Lunch (Mon - Fri) : 12pm - 5pm
Brunch (Sat - Sun) : 10pm - 3pm
Dinner : 6pm - 9.30pm*
Supper: 10pm - 11.30pm*

Happy boy with his Eggs Benny!

I had the Mentaiko Pasta and I like it! (:

Fried Calamaris. Always the boy's favourite (:

Eggs Benny, which I thought was pretty decent but evidently not the best we've had before.

That was a weekend well spent in September! Weekends are utmost precious to me because of the little time we get to spend together on dates due to the clashing of the nature of our jobs. I tend to be busiest during the weekends, whereas he is holding an office job. Even before we checked in to Studio M (and even after checking in), I had shoots to go for and I was drenched in my own sweat. Despite having really little time together, I think we are lucky enough to be in Singapore together so I try to not lament about the lack of time together. Having shot so many couples who have endured the LDR before they can settle down together, I honestly am ashamed of how I complain that D stays at the other end of the island from me. Moreover, he has been the most accommodating boyfriend ever in the world in fitting into my schedule so that I do not have to forsake work.

I am a crazy workaholic, and it stretches to the extent I find myself impossible at times. I work everyday and burn all my weekends working, only having time for us to have dinner together and that's about it. Therefore, we make it up by travelling and indulging in stay cations every now and then. It forces me to abandon my work (well, as much as possible), and just allow myself to rest and for us to have quality time together. Which also means, unlike most couples out there who have the luxury of weekends for themselves, we basically sacrificed all of it in exchange for a short getaway once a month or once every two months. It feeds the wanderlust spirit in me as well, and I'm thankful that D is very much into travelling like I do.

We are lucky, but not to be envied because we work hard for every bit of fun we get to indulge in, and along with it comes many unseen sacrifices that many do not know of. But I honestly, wouldn't want to have it any other way. (:


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