Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Closure to 2013

Speaking of a new year always brings me jitters.

2013 has flown by the fastest ever, and it's probably also the best year of my life thus far.

I've been taken to new places I've never been before. This includes heading to new countries that are on my must-visit-in-2013 list, as well as stepping out of my comfort zone at work and taking new projects that I never thought I would have been given the chance to. This is also the first time I had my works published in a magazine, got to travel for work,  shot my first official pre wedding, had the honour of shooting bigger shops, shot a club scene, met lots of amazing new people and printed my own personalised dvd covers. It's not a great leap, but it is an improvement I guess. It marked some of my first milestones in my business.

Each year, I spare myself the long list of New Year Resolutions because if it has to be done, it will be done. The only thing I want to work on all the time, is to be a better person. This, I've mentioned for the previous two years as well. I haven't been the best that I can be, but in some aspects I guess I've bettered myself. Learning to control my temper and emotions is one of the main things I've learnt while working, and to not be too trusting at times. I've also thoroughly seen the good and bad of this industry, but I know there's more to come. I try and try to be a better daughter as well, and my relationship with my mom has improved tremendously this year. 

I remain true to myself and I steer clear of superficial people who climb over the heads of others for success. Each day I'm in a race with time to complete the things I have on hand, and I can never put it across with mere words the amount of stress I have to face, but thank you to those who truly understood or truly tried, and witnessed how hard I try to manage my time well to be able to meet up with the different people of my life. In whatever I do,  my conscience will stay clear 

In 2013, I think I've finally grasped the true meaning of love and experienced what it is like to loved unconditionally and to love with no inhibitions. I'm at a happy place now that I never thought I could be when I went through my worst heartbreak two years back which I thought I would never pull through. Love really does come when you least expect it, and for me, it happened with the last person ever possible. What I really want to say is.. nothing bad stays permanent. It took me two long years to meet the right person and I truly believe that everything is possible with time. My personal life has taken root and it's time for me to set all my priorities right.

I pray for the strength and wisdom to bring me through the new year. That whatever may come, I will be strong enough to handle. I pray for even better things to happen in 2014 and for Smittenpixels Photography to soar. Thankful and blessed to be right here with otherworldly moments to share and the best memories to keep. Thank you all who have been on this journey with me, and here's to more adventures and realisation of your dreams.

I feel unstoppable.

Blessed year ahead, everyone! Happy New Year.

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Xeniateo said...

Amazing Photo! Jiayou babe for the new year! Many achievements unlock!