Friday, December 13, 2013

A Leap of Faith In Love // Of Lisa and Leon

If there is one place that holds all sorts of emotions in it, it would be the airport. I've never been in a long distance relationship before, but honestly glad to not be put in the situation. Therefore, the kind of emotions that Lisa and Leon, and many LDR couples, experienced are something I could never comprehend. My recent trip to Boracay already saw me weeping at the departure gate when it was a mere 4 days apart. #overlyattachedgirlfriend

When Lisa found me, she told me about wanting to do the shoot at the airport because of what it holds for her. It is the place she frequents over the years to bid Leon goodbye, and welcome him with open arms again. Leon studies in Cambridge, and Lisa was from SIM and is currently a full time teacher. Having been apart from each other for so long, graduation meant that both of them would finally be moving on to the next phase of life together and putting an end to the long distance between them. Along the way, we chatted and shared about each other's life experiences and I was bombarding them with many questions about how they had coped with it. I am in awe, truly. I can't wait for them to get married in the next few years! (:

Thankful for having meet couples from all walks of life, with their own stories to share with me. It's been wonderful meeting you both, and I'm glad that we are still staying in touch. (:


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