Sunday, December 8, 2013

Boracay, here I go!

Christmas came a little early this year for me when I found out that I'm going to Boracay this December, which is kindly sponsored by Gushcloud and Tigerair!

I've been meaning to visit Boracay ever since 2 years ago when my Filipino colleagues spoke to my about the beauty of the place and how it's a must to visit. I had a very vague idea of the place back then but was attracted by the idea because I love beach holidays, which you must have already figured by now. (: My immense love for sunsets/sunrises/beaches is crazy.

I'll be doing micro-blogging on Dayre throughout my trip there and I'll post snippets of it here and there on Instagram as well so you may follow these platforms should you be keen on the updates of Boracay! (:

Tigerair is also holding a maaaajor giveaway you wouldn't want to miss for sure. Click HERE for further details if you are someone who loves travelling like I do!

Thank you Gushcloud and Tigerair for making this happen for all of us!

More updates when I get back. xx

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