Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yakitori Enmaru

Wagyu Sirloin Steak $9.80 

Menkaijiki $17.80 (swordfish)

Ocha Zuke, $6.80. Which is actually (a tiny bowl of) rice in dash soup with spicy cod roe, with a choice of salmon or plum.

Suuuuuchaaaa cutie! :D

Chicken Thigh in Tare Sauce and Salt $3.6/skew (min 2 skews)

Yakitori Don $17.80. Grilled chicken rice bowl with teriyaki sauce.

Tontoro Pork $3.80/skew

What you don't see. This is what goes on behind every food photo on Instagram hahaha.

D brought me for Yakitori Enmaru some time back because he said the skews, especially the Sirloin steak but I felt that it was just way toooo overpriced and nothing impressive. It's more of the pricing that I'm concerned with, honestly. The food wasn't that bad but I probably wouldn't make a return trip anymore because I could barely fill up tummy, and yes whatever that is pictured was what we had for two. I love dinner dates like this though, and now that the boy has recovered it calls for more outings and happy days again!

You might know that I'm actually doing my photography full-time right now, ever since I've completed my studies in December/ January and I hate how my graduation is only happening in another 2 days. After 10 whopping months of being a.... working adult who has shot so many graduation photoshoots by now (yike I still want to be known as a teenager). It's so silly that the school plans it this way, and to make matters worse... They arranged the graduation dates according to our surnames so I'm literally graduating with a FEW friends because most of my close friends are graduating on other days. I don't see the joy/point in going but the folks insist because after all it's the last of my education journey. Not to mention I'm really grumpz bout the high rental cost of the regalia which I only get to be in it for hmm 2 hours, and I'll have to return in the SAME day.

I'm running a little low on sleep lately to race against time to complete the things on hand and the things I've gotta plan for the year-end so I'm a little grouchy. I don't know how to feel about this whole thing but Happy Graduation to myself I guess?

I missed school, nevertheless. Nothing beats the life of being a student.


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