Saturday, October 19, 2013

Random ramblings and mindless photos

The cousin's Craftholic monkey and my bunny! This photo was taken about 10 months ago. I can't believe I've kept it for that long.

My bleak attempt in making Doldie look adorable with the fruit wrappers. I've seen pictures of pets looking really cute wrapped up but Doldie being an asshole as usual refuses to cooperate.

Moo moo manicured nails done in July specially for my Mr Cow and our Taiwan trip.

A gift for myself for my 22nd birthday this year.

June was an excessively indulgent month because I splurged on 2 itemsc that I've been saving up for a long time. My first bag ever and I've chosen the Lady Dior and I love the red, and the X100s which I am head over heels in love with.

My most recent acquisition all thanks to a client turned friend (:

A whole slew of mindless photos because I'm clearing up my hard disk and these photos deserve to see the light after being stashed in my hard disk for a considerable amount of time. These are some of my favourite possessions for the time being, and I guess it's always good to reward yourself every now and then for working hard, and for earning your own keeps.

Hope everyone's holding up well for October! I'm looking forward to the birth of November because I've got lots of plans and ideas in mind that I can't wait to execute as well as the boy's birthday. This month has also been a month of change for me, some of which are personal and I am only sharing with my close ones. Apart from that, I've also recently acquired a new gopro hero3+ and if all goes well, I'll also be getting my really really long awaited ultra wide angle baby.... which I am so frigggin' excited for because it's one of my most coveted lens ever and I think my trip in November found me another reason to bring this dream a step closer.

Last but not least, a big big thank you to all who participated in the Flight To Forever giveaway on Facebook! It's a real delight seeing the response from hundreds of you guys interested in the shoot (: We will be getting down to choosing one lucky winner this weekend and the results will be announced on Monday, 21st October at 8pm. I sincerely thank everyone of you who has made this a success.


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