Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One more reason to hold you closer

Makeup and hair: Pearlyn Law Makeup & Hairstyling

Well, I've been lagging behind on my posts for so long and this series is finally seeing the light. I deserve a little pat for catching up a little now. This is a little documentation of Weili and Junwen over a short session in the late noon few months back. Weili is such model material, she is incredibly tall and blessed with really fair and beautiful skin. Funny how Pearlyn had insisted that Junwen must be in his early 20s and probably is still serving the nation because of his tanned skin and young appearance. It was really nice speaking to them and getting to know their story. The two of them have been together for close to a decade since their school days.

And when I asked what it was like being in a relationship like this for so long, they said that they have known each other so well now that buying gifts for each other is so hard because they just know what each other are planning but it's not coincidence that two can stay in love and eventually get to the day of settling down, knowing that they want no one else but each other. They are getting married next year, and I'm really really happy for them. Despite having already done their pre-wedding shoot, Weili said she wanted to engage me to shoot a casual one for her because she likes my works. They've been really kind towards me, and the kind of gratitude and happiness they expressed when they received the photos is one of the reasons why I can never give up my job.

There are times when I feel so shaken and even doubtful of myself and my works. I'm sure we all have gone through phases/times like these. But I just want to bear in mind how there are people who appreciate what I do, and that even though my works are not the most fantastic or mindblowing around,  I know it has made people happy and that I've created a set of pictures that they can always look back on fondly.


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