Thursday, October 24, 2013

VGY's Lookbook

Wardrobe: Vaingloriousyou
Model: Tricia Ong

Undoubtedly, one of my favourite lookbooks. Tricia is a joy to work with and easy to photograph cause she knows her angles so well and she is just, needless to say, really pretty! This is the second lookbook I shot for VGY and not forgetting Eve, Tricia's assistant, who is so fun and nice to work with as well. I like how the harsh light and strong shadows turned out in some of these photos which is actually a real blessing in disguise.

October is a happy month because apart from acquiring the GoPro, I've also successfully gotten my UWA lens at a steal which I'm incredibly happy! Just yesterday, the boy has also accompanied me out to purchase some new accessories that I could play with and probably one of these nights in this week, we'll bring the stuffs down for a night shoot. My bank statement is protesting, and I've heard it but it's such an addiction. Before I left the shop, the owner (whom I've become real buddy with over the last month) said, "this is poison and you will come back for more soon, you know it!"

Oh good news, D is off his crutches! So yay joy to the world! This means happy days are going to make a comeback, and that all eating/shopping/shooting plans that were halted can all be resumed now. We are going dating this weekend and I am beyond ecstatic cause it's been so long since we could last leave the house together.


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