Thursday, October 3, 2013

BKK with the family

I'm almost 4 months late for this post, but if you had me on instagram you might have known that my family and I went over to BKK for a 4d3n trip during the end of June. I don't quite fancy travelling in such a big group (we have 10 pax in total for this trip) when going overseas because I hate it that a substantial amount of time is always spend waiting for each other and that it's difficult coming to consensus on the places to go/ eat. But it's always nice after returning home from such trips that you feel that such times with family are hard to come by.

After countless reviews and instagram posts by my friends, it is a MUST for us to stay in Glow Pratunam and I'm sold! The bed is soooo frigging soft and cloud-like! Getting out of it everyday is torturous but then again.... when in Bangkok, shopping calls!

My last BKK visit was about 4 years back, and I hadn't had a chance to visit Chatuchak cause I went during the weekdays period so i'm happy to be able to finally step foot here. I didn't buy as much as I thought I would though, and the weather was a crazy killerrrrrr. Couldn'

The crazy amount of people at CTC.

After a really tiring day battling the jam and crowd, we landed ourselves at the pier to wait for the ferry to Asiatique! I realised my memory is really failing me, I can barely remember in details the 4 days and the itinerary we had planned but I know I was a little annoyed because as kids we had no say in going where we wanted, and we had to follow the adults blindly. I didn't get the luxury of time to do my shopping, and it was pretty regimental that we were only given a few hours at a place.

Love how the sun rays are reflected off the abandoned building.

Went crazy in MBK's Beauty Buffet and bought a basket full of stuffs that didn't even cost me SGD$100. *in full hopes of getting fairer*

And, the mom and I discovered a gem in MBK- S.U.M.O Restaurant! It's awesome for fickle minded people who can't decide what they want for lunch or gluttons like me who would love to have all cuisines IN A SINGLE MEAL! They have so many different menus, and a plethora of items for you to choose from! Spoilt for choice is an understatement. I absolutely loved every dish we had. I hadn't pinned much hopes on this place thinking that it's probably gonna be average tasting considering that they are not specialising in anything but boy, was I wrong!

Why don't they have S.U.M.O in Singapore?! ):

Thai seafood salad! :D Always a must have for me whenever I have my thai cuisines!

Pork neck!!!!! I think it's also known as Tontoro Pork? Correct me if I'm wrong but this part of the pork is extremely juicy and succulent and oh-so-good cause they literally melt in your mouth ^^

Ribeye, which was pretty good! <:

And oooh another favourite- Thai styled squid! <: Love anything mildly spicy and sour, it whets the appetite so well.

I can't remember the prices but I think they were pretty reasonable and I was so happy and stuffed from the meal it was madness.

If you couldn't already tell, I gained about 4kgs in June and I was at my fattest (in about 4 years) and going to Bangkok certainly made me pile on even more weight. When I looked into the mirror I felt so grossed out cause I was THAT fat. Therefore I shall refrain from posting much pictures with me in it up here.

3/4 of the folks!

One of the days after shopping at Terminal 21, my uncle brought us to Asia Hotel for this meat buffet, similar to the concept of Carnivore in Singapore.

With didi who has grown up so much. I'm always thankful to have him obsessing in taking photos with me. <3

The different types of meat were brought around on skewers and served to you individually, and some of them were so so good. I ate beyond the capacity of my stomach and then suffered the wrath of my guilt thereafter. But since by now (Oct) I've shed all the extra pounds, I have no regrets hahaha :D

This is such a badly summarized post and I totally suck at blogging but my memory is failing me and I'm a little unwell so I shall sum this up in point forms:

1) There aren't much photos because we were indulging all our time in shopping, eating and massage. It was crazy. The other times when I had the time to whip my camera out, my mom would go "Keep your camera!!! Later kena robbed! Keep keep!"

2) All photos taken with my splendid X100S.

3) I can't get over S.U.M.O Restaurant and Glow's bed.

4) Decided to not post up the typical loots of the day pictures but I figured it all looks the same but I think I spent the most in Platinum Mall because it's air conditioned so I spend a bit more effort to shop and because the shop owners there no longer succumb to haggling ( a HUGE major change compared to 4 years back) so everything is no longer as cheap as they used to be.

5) Always a sucker for the road photo taken from the bridge of Platinum because the colours are so beautiful.

On a side note, keep a lookout for a 2-hour couple shoot giveaway that I'll be conducting in a few days' time! Check back here for more details <:



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