Sunday, November 3, 2013

Agneselle x Kisses Bakery

Wardrobe: Agneselle
Model: Peiling
Location: Kisses Bakery

Some of you might have already known that I've been working with the Agneselle team for the past ten months, and that makes her my longest-standing client ever. Throughout this entire year, we've forged a certain kind of bond that overrides our photographer-client relationship and we indeed have been through a fair share of good and bad times together. The countless number of shoots done in the hot sun  in forsaken places that got us panting and lamenting like mad and feeling like we've walked into a desert and that we are never gonna get out of it. Good times of Yoshinoya bonding sessions after our shoots because Pearlyn, Peiling and I are so crazy over the beef bowl with the goodness of an additional tamago and ROFL moments during shoots that always gets us laughing like crazy women even in public. We've had our little disagreements before too over the differences in opinions and views  on our shoot directions or even just things in general but I guess that's just bound to open when it's no longer a working relationship because we are friends.

I think that's also one reason why we can keep things together this way for so long, and I do know that neither of us wish for things to change because we know each other's working style and pet peeves so well. Pearlyn and I have bonded so much ever since I first met her way more than a year ago for a shoot and thereafter introduced her to Peiling. She is in every way like my big sister, she dotes  on me and shares every bit of her happiness with me, and at times she even goes the extra mile to help me out as an assistant for my shoots because she doesn't want me to be alone. As much as Peiling always reiterates to us that she is not our boss, and that we are our own bosses who work together for our passion, Pearlyn and I love to go "Heyyyy boss!" to irritate her and then bursting into fits of laughter on our own. But Peiling hosts steamboat sessions at her house for US, and recently even brought us out to eat at Uncle Leong Seafood for some crab indulgence after shoot (like what bosses do, isn't it?) and takes us for events with her. She is also always buying me super good and cheap korean masks when she visits her boyfriend in Incheon.

This is still pretty amazing to me because for the past 4 years I've been a buyer of AE clothings and I remembered I used to buy a fair bit from her every month, so yes I love how I never have to camp for her launches anymore and even till date, I am still constantly buying her stuffs but now I am CONTRIBUTING to her site. (: I think my wardrobe can do up its own AE mini launches every now and then. It's a pretty long post because I want to dedicate a little more to one of my favourite teams ever because I've never once gotten round to doing it properly. We are also looking to host an intimate yet elaborate sort of tea party thing together to interact with our customers/clients in the next few months to come. We'll release more information when the time is ripe.

Cheers to AE!


Anyway, a few months ago we had the honour of shooting at Kisses Bakery in Tiong Bahru area. Kisses is opened by one of Peiling's friend in a really old district that makes for good photoshoot location and I have to get this across to everyone- KISSES SERVES THE BEST CUPCAKES I'VE EVER TASTED.  Each of them are freshly baked to perfectly, the cake itself is so moist and soft and the cream is so rich and generously topped on each cupcake. We've gone back so many times to purchase the cupcakes even when we are shooting at other places. We really love how clean and simplistic the shop is, and we took on a more korean feel for the photos when we shot in there. This has got to Pearl and my favourite lookbooks of all the ones we've ever done. (: The pink totally exudes a Barbie feel and I love it! ^_^

I hope you guys enjoy this set of photos as much as I do (:


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