Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You're the closest to heaven I'll ever be

I'm a little late (maybe more than just a little) for about 3 months, but it's better late than never. This is the second trip that the boy and I had embarked on since we got together. Genting is a place.... I was trying to avoid all these years because it encapsulated so much memories for me and I wasn't sure I was ready to step foot back into this place. I've been here countless times, with so many different groups of people as I was growing up and with someone who once held an important place in my heart.

But as far as I can remember, I've been here almost every year with my parents since I was 4. Not only do I know this place like the back of my hand, this place held a sort of significance because I feel that it watched me grow up.

A day before we set off, I rushed down to purchase my new handy camera Fujifilm X100s! It costs a bomb... but really the images are so stunning. They will speak for themselves. All photos here are taken with it. I'm glad I didn't settle for any other cameras despite the x100s being a little bulky for a compact still.

Look at my cutie pie! All excited while going up the mountains :D

The view from our room

Our couple watches. I love it to death, I love how manly it looks/feels and that it's automatic.

You might have already known/ noticed my crazy love for beanies and head gears and I'm on the mission to collect them all. It is therefore mandatory that I bring them out to play whenever possible! :D Couldn't make the boy wear it for more than ten mins. I love Genting because it is possibly the nearest cold place that is near to Singapore, and it is also ridiculously cheap and easy to travel there. The best part was that the boy and I went over when haze shrouded Singapore. Lucky us we had really much fresher air and we got to escape the heat.

Funny though, that despite having been to Genting for so many times, I've never been to the Lavender Farm. So it was pretty delightful that I have somewhere new for me to explore a bit. Our first destination was the farm area after having checked in to the hotel.

I wish I could put into words just how happy I am in the cold.

You can't see here but my crazy boyfriend was in shorts and slippers all the way. Most of the time he doesn't even have his jacket on. On the contrary, I look like a christmas tree. But nehhhh whatever, it's on rare occasions like this that I get to dress up and be happy.

We visited the strawberry farm too and had the cheap thrill of secretly plucking some strawberries because we were too late and passed the opening hours to pluck them.

After which, we paid the temple a visit and prayed for ourselves and our loved ones. It's a customary act for us both now, that we pay a visit to temples that we come across. I'm not bounded by any religion at the moment... but I wouldn't call myself a freethinker just yet. I used to attend church since I was 11, but it's been a long while since I last went back.


Then D bought me chocolates! :D We roamed all around in the cold and then he brought me for a really scrumptious tze char dinner which we ordered a whole hell lot and stuffed ourselves silly.

When night fell, I dragged D out to do one of my favourite things ever- smoking in the cold and just enjoying each other's company. When it got a little unbearable, we went all the way back to the older buildings to play in the arcade before retreating back to our room to call it a night.

Day 2

We set out to play the outdoor theme park! It's my favourite place to go to, and despite having played all the rides there so many times. I love itttttttttttt. It may just be the cold weather but my love for roller-coasters is... incomparable. I made the boy sit on it with me over and over.

So cute... Wanna pinch you!

I don't know if anyone of you ever remember these old Genting mascots... They were so well loved back then but I hardly see them around now. This is Allie the Elephant!

After we were done with the rides, I dragged the dog off to the Dinosaur land where we could enjoy the view of Genting. We went all around snapping pictures and being amazed with the new X100s .

I know he is really skinny... I know.

And!!! The best part is eating Baskin Robbins in the cold! :D Basically, I love anything to do with the cold. The outdoor theme park also has the best tea eggs ever. They are cheap, and so so so fragrant! The nice aunty even shells the eggs for you so we could eat with ease and I think I had about 8 eggs in 2 days? /: I can't remember but yes that's how much I love tea eggs. The stall is located right next to the escalator, somewhat beside the Cyclone.

Hehe. I made him sit on the Carousel with me too. ^_^ I think I saw the staff there chuckle to herself when she saw me happily skipping to the ride.

Well, another mandatory thing to do in Genting is to sit at Starbucks and attempt to use its lousy wifi that has almost never worked for me. Nights at Starbucks in Genting always end really late for me because I'm reluctant to return to the room. I would rather sit there and idle my time away than sleeping. Eventually we returned home on a Sunday evening, all recharged and ready for the new week ahead and we know that we have so much more to look forward to.


I've been really trying my best to keep up with this space such that the photos here are up to date but I'd need a bit more time to clear whatever backlogs I have. Also, I've been trying to keep to my promise of updating this space more regularly with more insights into my personal life instead of just purely work related posts.

Last night, the boy tells me it's the 76th consecutive day that we are seeing each other. That is considerably remarkable considering that we almost stay on different ends of Singapore. Last night was also the 14th consecutive night that we have slept together. He makes the effort to travel all the way down to see me, even on nights when I'm swamped with work and I can't even keep him company. I am beyond blessed. I've never believed in a couple having to see each other every single day, but it is the case for us now. However, I do not see that as a necessity, I see that as a privilege each day we go on without having to break the streak and knowing that whatever unpleasant things we are experiencing at work wouldn't matter when we get to see each other at night.

Beebs, I will stay by your side these few days to tide you through this ordeal and I promise that everything will be okay in the end. I won't leave your side. So fear not, because I promise you that when you wake tomorrow I'll be with you. It has always been you taking care of me, now it's time for me to assume the responsibility of taking care of you. Be brave, it will be over before you know it.

I love you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona, which hotel did you stay in genting? the view is really nice! & how do you go to the lavender farm? thank you!

Anonymous said...

Fiona! pls consider creating a ask.fm :)

Fiona Sng said...

Hello there! I stayed in First World Hotel (: Haha. I was lucky to get such a view. Stayed there countless times and it's the first that I get a proper view instead of the windows of other rooms! (:

Hello! I wouldn't be creating a formspring.. I don't think there's anything interesting about me for anyone to ask plus I'm not famous or anything enough for people to want to ask me questions. (:

Anonymous said...

Hey, may I know if you need a particular lens for your photos when using x100s?
or do u get it off the shelve and the photos u take are that gorgeous already?!?!
did you put your own lens?

I LOVE your photos REALLY!!!

Fiona Sng said...

Hi there, the x100s does not come with interchangeable lens, therefore you will have to use the lens that comes with it. However, my purpose of buying a compact camera is also to make it easier for me to camwhore.... Haha not that I do, but I would like to take pictures with my boyfriend and the lens does not have a view wide enough for that so I got a wide conversion lens to fix on it. You can read more about it online. It's not getting another lens actually, it's just a converter to mount on top of the lens. (:

Thank you! The x100s is a really good camera on its own (: Thank you for your kind words!