Saturday, September 21, 2013

Advertorial: Simplicity Nails by Trina

You can never imagine my joy when Trina, from Simplicity Nails, contacted me for nail services. You may have already seen my nail picture on my instagram, but if you haven't, here's the craftholic nail design that I saw online and showed Trina telling her that I want the same set of nails and she did it for me, just exactly how I had wanted it! 

If you know me in real life, you probably would know how much I love to ATTEMPT to do my nails myself. Keyword: Attempt. Which I always fail miserably. And having to purchase the different colors of nail polishes to achieve a certain design has caused my mom's drawer to be piled up with so many bottles of polishes that I've barely used more than thrice. This year, I gave up and I started to go out to get my nails done and I tried my first gelish nails! They lasted well, and I fell in love with gelish since then. Being a photographer (and a tomboy), normal manicures do not last me for more than 5 days, which is depressing. So gelish seems like the perfect solution for someone like me! Then, I got my gelish nails removed in BKK and oh god... the horror. They literally scraped my nails off, and my nails have been damaged since then. My nails tend to peel itself and I can feel them getting thinner and thinner. ):

When Trina saw how bad my nails were, she asked me about the services I've gotten and my experience with them and then she assured me that my nails would recover and the same would never happen now that I'm in her safe hands (pun intended). She showed me the products she used and gave a brief explanation about them being reputable and of good quality, even though I honestly am not familiar with these nail products and their brands but I'm very sure nail art junkies would be. What Trina did for me is also gelish so you can only imagine my joy when my ten nails were fully painted and ready! :D It's as if seeing each character coming to life. Both Trina and my favourite is the giraffe! ^_^

As with every advertorial, I think people think that because it is sponsored, therefore we are paid to say good stuffs but I can tell you truthfully that the experience with Trina was really great, we had a lot to talk about and it was really nice that we could relate a lot to each other. She is also extremely patient and her room is gorgeous! I should have snapped a picture of it but I forgot to. She dedicated an entire room to provide her services.

The good news is that, Trina's rates are really affordable and her home-based nail salon is located in the West! So good for all you Westies staying near her! Below is her price list which I think everyone would be interested in:

Classic Services

Express Manicure $12
Express Pedicure $18
(Shape & Applying of Nail Varnish)

Classic Manicure $20
Classic Pedicure $30
(Moisturing Soak(Pedi), Shape, Cleaning of cuticles, Removal of dead skin(Pedi), Scrub(Pedi), Apply of Nail Varnish)

Gel Manicure $35
Gel Pedicure $45
(Shape, Cleaning of cuticles(DRY METHOD), Applying of Gel Polish, Removal of dead skin(Pedi), Scrub(Pedi))

Extension Services
Acrylic Tip Extension $78
(Cuticle care, Clear half tip extension, Acrylic overlay, Gel topcoat)
Acrylic Sculpture Extension $88
(Cuticle care, Acrylic extension using nail form, Gel topcoat)

Additional Services (for extension)
Glitter Inlay $10
Gel Polish over Extension $15

Head on over to her Facebook here to see more of her works or you can simply follow her on Instagram (@simplicitynails) as she updates frequently! (: I've already planned my next few designs and I can't wait to visit her again to get new nails done when this set eventually wears out. It's been 2 weeks plus and my nails are in perfect tip top condition still (: Trust me you will love your experience with her! 

Go book an appointment with her now or simply ring her up to enquire more about her services! Cheers to pretty nails from now on. 



Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona, do you prefer iphone of android phones?

Fiona Sng said...

Hi there! Wow, I honestly havent expected this question but I'm a little biased towards Apple products so I'm not the best person to consult.

I prefer Iphone for many reasons but it definitely is a lot more user friendly than Android. There are its down sides of course, but I think the misconception that Samsung's camera is better than that of Apple's is getting a little too much. Higher megapixels does not dictate that the camera is better, and the seemingly sharper images on the phone's screen does not translate to sharper images on the computer either. I'm not in a good position to judge because I've never used android phones before, but I know for sure that the better camera is a misconception because my friends who have used them did feedback that the images only seem sharp on the phone screen.