Thursday, September 12, 2013

Young Wild Free

Wardrobe: Static Fumes
Models: Zoe Yee and Chloe Choo
By: Fiona Sng

This shoot is probably handsdown one of my favourite shoots ever simply because it's not often, or should I say never once, that I get to leave my house 5 mins prior to the start of the shoot because the stadium is barely 3 mins walk away from where I stay. No prizes for guessing where. I actually brought Doldie (my dog) down with me for the shoot since it's been awhile she has left the house after she became blind. You know, it might have been easy sneaking any dogs, the size of my chihuahua in to the tracks and one that seemingly appears really cute and mild like her. But no, my Doldie is out of the world hyper, noisy and fierce, She made a ruckus the moment she reached, barking at everyone she sensed near her or any unfamiliar sound she hears. Zoe and Chloe had wanted to pose with her, but it's Mission Impossible and Doldie was asked to leave barely 5 mins of her arrival by the staff, so I carried the rascal and ran her home before running back to continue with the shoot.

I loved how the photos turned out. The vibrancy of the colours and I think the girls pulled off the looks really well. Like I've always mentioned, there's beauty is all the most unexpected places. This stadium has probably been around for decades, and to be honest, it's pretty run down and unappealing from the first look of it. And especially when you have quite a number of outfits to shoot, you will be forced to look from a different perspective and maximise whatever that the stadium has to offer. 

Well, on other news, I've fallen terribly ill now. This must be due punishment for me for placing sleep last on the list over the past few months and overworking myself out and now I'm almost entirely bedridden and drowsy all the time. Time to repay my sleep debts and nurse myself back to health. 

Take care, y'all!


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