Friday, September 6, 2013

A Celestial Romance

Whimsical setup credits to: Le Fairymeadows

Some time back, I received a facebook message from Jeannie, from The Friday Best, asking me if I've ever shot a wedding proposal. With all honesty, I was all stoked and distressed because I've never done a proposal shoot before nor been through this stage of my life.... and whatever that I know of proposals are from what was shown on tv. This proposal, is a surprise from Cherie's boyfriend which he had sought the help of Jeannie to make the entire thing come true for him. Genius Jeannie thought of a plan that totally escaped Cherie's suspicion, and that is to book her for her usual Fridaybest shoot and we told her that it would be more elaborate and bigger scale because it's an important collection to Jeannie. For the entire month, Jeannie and I thought of various ideas and we approached Le FairyMeadows after I've suggested it to Jeannie about this lace tent that I've been dying to have in my shoots. We love how magical and pretty it is, along with the fresh flowers and props. It completely turned a plain field into... it's very own whimsical ground.

That very day was filled with hiccups. On the way to the shoot, Cherie was still telling me how she is not prepared to be proposed to ( and in my mind i was all like :O :O, omg omg how) but I had to stay calm and smile and just question her like how friends would. The weather was a real real killer, I give thanks for the blue skies but really, I am pretty sure I had sweat a bucket there and I was so close to fainting because it was so hot. So we did the shoot as usual, and the Le Fairy Meadows couple came extra early to set the tent and everything else up. Really, kudos to these wonderful people for their dedication (:

And when the time came when we expected Kahmin to ring me up to let me know that he has arrived.... he was missing and J and I were so panicky. Turns out he was held up when collecting the balloons to be brought over. While Daniel went out to fetch him in to the field, I told Cherie I wanted her to sit in the tent and I directed her into giving me certain poses, all the while keeping an eye on Kahmin who is creeping in from far behind with the huge bunch of colourful balloons. It was really funny because by nature, Cherie is really really blur and when Kahmin was making his way in, the balloons kept bursting from being pricked by the tall grasses and while I was photographing her, there were bursting sounds happening continuously behind her. Thankfully she isn't so much of a curious cat like I am, she merely turned her head once mildly wondering where the sound came from and I rannnnn all the way to the back of the tent with my reflector and blocked her view and just cooked up something on the spot like "Aiya, I need to place the reflector here. There isn't enough light on your back!" She nodded and turned back to face the front without asking anything else. WIN.

When Kahmin was just right next to the tent, and Cherie was still completely oblivious because she is sitting in it, I told her I needed some poses of her closing her eyes and made her tilt here and there. Cherie just quietly followed my instructions and posed like how she's supposed to and.... that's when Kahmin appeared in front of her with the bouquet and ring! You should have seen her total surprised face when she exclaimed "Omg, why are you here?!" Kahmin knelt on one knee and poured his heartfelt speech out and asked for her hand. *cue for awww*

And of course, she agreed. (: When I told my friends about this, everyone was gushing about it and said they are so going to go home to tell their boyfriend about it. So much work from everyone being put into this, especially on Jeannie when she has to liaise between so many parties and keeping this big secret from her own best friend. I'm really relieved that everything has gone really really well and that Cherie is happy. Not to forget, the boyfriend Daniel helped a great deal too. Thank you beebs for waking early with me for this <3

I wish them both everlasting happiness and love.



Tinglei said...

Very beautiful photos dear!! So happy for you cause I know this is smth you've been meaning to do and would very much love to do! Kudos to you for putting in so much efforts too!! <3 <3

Mandy Faith said...

Truly wish one day I could be as inspiring as you! You write good entries (super enjoyable and funny to read) and your photography skills are just undescribably great! Hopefully we can collaborate one day (my dream hehe!).

Have a great day, pretty xx

Wenhui said...

Awww this is so sweet!! Heheh

Fiona Sng said...

Tinglei: I love you bestfriend, for watching me grow since we were 19 (?), sharing every bit of my ups and downs and watching my photography grow with me over the years. Smittenpixels wouldn't' have been possible at all without you.

Mandy: MANDY! It is MY dream to be able to work with you, we really need to collab one day. Let me know if you are coming to Sg again okay! ):

Wenhui: YES IT IS DEAR! Hehe may we have an equally sweet proposal in future! :D