Monday, July 9, 2012

Wild Hearts p2

Vivianne is the first friend I made when I stepped foot into university. The girl who sat at the other corner of the class and the only girl I had identified a possibility of being friends with after surveying the entire class of people. She felt the same way as I did, and the next moment, our lecturer made us sit together.

So, what brought us together?  Barely two hours of sitting side by side, we were brewing tea with our tumblers to keep us awake and baring our hearts out to each other and I couldn't stop tearing in class. I was broken hearted and she had a sad story to tell. Perhaps misery loves company.

It's been a year and we don't get to see each other often, but there's just a tiny dream that keeps us together all the time. We want to fall head over heels in love again. We long to be fearless. We long to believe in love wholeheartedly again.

This is dedicated to the girl who doesn't see the beauty I see in her, who loved with all her heart and who deserves to be happy. How can anyone this beautiful be so broken at the same time?

I hope you keep smiling, love. <3



Wenhui said...

Love all the photos in this series! :D

Fiona Sng said...

Thank you dearest! <: <:

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Possible to share the location of where you guys shot at please? Thank you! Love the trees!