Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Globe Trekker

For a start, I have to say this Phuket trip was a whole new experience for me for the most obvious reason that we travelled in a big group of 14 and it was fun on a whole new level for me (no doubt big group brings about inconvenience and time management screw ups).

Sad to say, I have no good photos to showcase here because I was too busy having fun and most circumstances do not permit a proper chance for me to whip out my DSLR but these are a few of my favorite shots/ important documentaries of the entire trip that I feel obliged to put up because they are lovely memories that will always be embedded in the heart.

Our hotel: Andakira Hotel which is pretty lovely for the price we paid albeit there were some unfavorable incidents and happenings but we shall not go into that. I love the huge room and the hotel pool (:

Crazy sleazy night life there paaaacked with caucasians. In which on our 4d3n trip, I spent the 2nd night getting crazy high dancing away and the last night getting pissed drunk within half an hour cause I was dog tired and I couldn't take it anymore.

Ben and Ken on our speedboat ride out for island hopping on the 2nd day! We went to Phi Phi Island, Maya Bay, Halong Bay etc. It's impossible for me to reiterate the joy and exhilaration on a speed boat ride. I love anything associated with speed and the feeling of the wind grazing my cheeks. I got a total of about 8 bruises from the bumpy ride because I refuse to sit still and insisted on being at the front of the boat (extremely bumpy area).

Snorkeling was a huge disappointment in my opinion... I cannot safely say I've had the best experience before but Tioman's coral reefs/fishes/water pwns all of these islands that we went to and the fact that it's manifested with tourists did not help the experience.

The boys getting down to making Ben a Lady Boy.

Check out the tits and cock.

Look at this adorable little baby! And that's D feeding him a biscuit (: Look at how he reaches out to grab the biscuit.

I had no idea monkeys had pouches in their mouths but this fella was saving his biscuit by stuffing it to the side.

And we met the craziest monkey ever that enjoys beer probably more than any of us do. Our friend just had to open 2 cans for him and it was fucking funny. I have a series of these photos but I won't be putting them up here.

Perfect sky, perfect weather while on the ride back to Patong beach.

The night market which was sooooo good and I stuffed myself silly with the local food. (Y)

Here are some pictures from the underwater camera:

D and I (:

Ben (:

Jamie dear and I (: I'm glad how this trip brought us closer.

We rented bikes as a mode of transport for 2 days and I loveeeee bike rides although it freaks me out at the same time.

My virgin experience:
#1 Getting a fake tattoo which I'm hella thankful it's only temporary (for approx 2 weeks according to the lady) because she fucked it up real bad. It's meant to be " In God We Trust" and not " InGod We Trust". This was still pretty fresh with ink smears around the tatt. After I washed off the excess ink, there is a hole in the cross.... I do not dare to bear my back in Singapore now till it comes off.

#2 Travelling in a big group and clubbing

#3 Riding a bike for a first time in my life. By that I mean being the rider. I failed terribly since I was never blessed with a good sense of balance it's probably a feat I could ride for approximately 4 seconds without falling and screaming for help because it was so heavy and I couldn't lift it up at all.

#4 Getting UP CLOSE with monkeys and watching them drink beer

#5 Parasailing and Banana Boat! (: We did Jet Ski too, and it's my second time.

#6 Going into a Thai Temple

A pity I didn't get to:
#1 Watch Tiger Show ( or Ping Pong Show). I swear it's on my first to-do-list in Phuket ): There were lots of offer but we went to club instead.

#2 Do ATV and White Water Rafting

#3 Ride a bike for REAL

#4 Watch Thai boxing

#5 Rent a car and drive down to Surin/ Kata/ Karon beach which are extremely lovely beaches that are less touristy.

The pictures here do not do justice to the fun and activities to the trip. We did so much more that weren't documented. The amount of jap food/ seafood I had was insane // massage twice on consecutive days // did quite a bit of shopping // and not to mention some illegal stuffs we did...

Apologies for the lousy photos and wordy post, I'll be back with more photos! Till then, my time goes to projects and upcoming shoots (:



Anonymous said...


May I know if your contact lenses are monthlies or yearly?

Fiona Sng said...

Hi, they are monthlies (:

Sirong said...

Your photos are really good. I love the monkey one. They are really so cute. How can they drink beer? OMG, that's really hilarious !!

Fiona Sng said...

Hello Sirong! Are you the Sirong I know? (: Cause I know a Sirong from my secondary school and one from my polytechnic. Haha yes it's one of the funniest/ most memorable moment of Phuket! Some of the monkeys hated it, and dumped the can after one sip but THIS monkey loves it and was hugging and sipping the beer the whole time! Haha

Sirong said...

Yes, I am the one from Poly.. I think HTM only got 1 Sirong right? HAHA. Your photos are really good. Your skills are fantastic too. Yeah, they are too cute !! And it's amazing how you managed to capture such a close-up shot of them drinking the beer.

Fiona Sng said...

OH HAI SIRONG! <: Such a pleasure having you here! Thank you for reading this space! And pleaseeeee you are too sweet my photos really aren't that good! Hahahah I simply risked being scratched and went super up close HAHA. One monkey almost grabbed me /: