Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Days Will Make A Comeback

Hi all! I'm back from my Phuket trip and I've been having so much fun, it's really taxing. I think I need a good rest back here instead. I know I have been photographing my Love, Chloe perfume too much but it's one of my favourite scent ever and I'm obsessed with the Chloe range ever since I started using 4years back and I'm adding the new Chloe to the family with my return! (; I splurge a little too much on my perfume collection.

This is our daily ritual, our Joy. Your daily rituals determine your degree of happiness and fulfillment. Bask in all the good things, be thankful for all of it and more good things will come your way.

Ridding myself of holiday mood. Bring on the work mode!

Happy days are here to stay.


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