Thursday, July 19, 2012

Benji's first few shots at home

My baby Doldie, who has extremely huge and heavily lined eyes. I am jealous.

Baby Nomsie who hasn't appeared on this space or my Instagram for awhile cause she's staying with D now since I can't keep the both of them together.

Noms loves to be stroked (,: Whenever someone puts their hand into the cage, she'd come to you and rub her head against your hand. So adorbs hehe ^^

See how much she loves to be stroked (:

Trying to turn her into a Holland Lop

Random lovely sunset taken from D's window

Bulky on my purple sheets. This was an extremely random, unintended shot as I was playing with both cameras on the bed and I took a test shot but I like how it turned out (: This was taken on DX format, with the Sigma 30mm.

All photos taken with Nikon D800 + Nikkor 50mm f1.8 (except the last photo)

Hello everyone! I've been extremely chirpy of late because life has been so kind to me. Thank you for the lovely emails, I've finally cleared the last project for this trimester yesterday and it was such a relief.... Those insane nights when I had to stay up to finish up on pictures and the project are gone (for now)! Exams are coming in two weeks' time, but I promise to keep this space going as much as possible since I have a lot of photos to clear.

It's been a year since I last felt.... some sort of real happiness/ real positivity. Thank you D, for being a pillar of strength and support all these while and for being willing to fulfill my dreams with me in time to come. Thank you for reinstating my confidence when I feel lousy and for doing everything you can to keep me happy. Thank you to all my dear friends who have been holding me up this past one year and making sure I was okay every now and then. I may miss the past..... but I need to learn to look forward. Big fat hug for all of you (,:

I am very, very blessed.


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