Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Celebrating 10 years of friendship // Jacqueline and Winnie

This is the celebration of two friends, who have hit the tenth year of their friendship ever since their secondary school days. Jacqueline assumes the role of a big sister, who takes the responsibility to take care of Winnie, who is a lot more playful and as what we would all describe after meeting her- Blur. They took the idea of shooting at a playground, and I really enjoyed shooting them because it's unpretentious fun where the girls get to do what they like and play for real. They even got themselves matching outfits for this photoshoot.

Friendships are just like relationships, it takes time for two parties to mold into each other perfectly and it takes a lot of compromising for it to work out over a long run. Sometimes, we do not need a huge bunch of friends in life, just a few old friends who have gone through the thick and thin with you, or should I say puberty stage, and knows you like the back of their hands. People say that real friendships are usually forged in secondary school, and I can't agree more on this and hitting a milestone of ten years is indeed something worth celebrating. (:

Cheers to everlasting friendship to both Winnie and Jacqueline!

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