Thursday, November 14, 2013

To be able to call you mine was the best thing that ever happened // Of Sarah and Edwin

Sarah and Edwin had wanted a casual pre-wedding shoot, something that depicts their day-to-day activities and allowing them to be themselves as much as possible. After going through a selection of cafes to hold the shoot, Sarah decided on D'Good Cafe that everyone can recognise by lovely their white swing chairs and their good coffee.

During the second part of the shoot, the couple changed into an even more casual outfit to go supermarket shopping! Something which we were all looking forward to. Sarah says that both of them do quite a bit of supermarket shopping on their own, and they just wanted the fun for the shoot as well. Edwin, by nature, is shy and takes awhile to warm up but I'm glad he did in no time because it made everything so much more fun and he can actually be really cheeky! Sarah actually planned the shoot on the day of Edwin's birthday, which actually serves as a gift for him and even for herself because they have never had the chance of being photographed together, and they wanted these photos to be for keepsake before they were to get married and that's probably what most people are facing, even myself.

For me, it's been awhile since I've done a cafe/supermarket shoot for a couple and I was inevitably reminded of the first few couple shoots I've done for own friends many years back at a supermarket which was a hell lot of fun, and it indeed brought back a lot of memories as to how I started taking requests for couple shoots back then. It's been a real fruitful journey so far. (,: 

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