Monday, November 4, 2013

Advertorial: Simplicity Nails by Trina (p2)

Remember my previous set of craftholic inspired nails done by Trina? They lasted me for a good whole 7 weeks with only very very slight chipping at the corner of my thumb. I am absolutely impressed, and even my friends who saw my overgrown gelish were amazed by it. I mean it when I say I get compliments on my nails wherever I go, people ask me where I got it done cause my manicurist did a good job at it and everyone finds them ultra cute!

Nail credits to:

Don't you just love my new set of November nails? (: On the 31st of October, I had my own graduation which I'll share more in time to come. Before my grad commences, I rushed to meet Trina to get my nails done, but it was mainly because I want to have a new set of nails before I jet off in the coming week! I'm doing all sorts of preparations cause I'm just so stoked, and my nails are definitely not forgotten!

This time round, I opted for something that I would say… describes me more. I'm quite an extremist at times, leaning towards both the feminine and edgy side at times.  I love it! Trina and I customised this set together based on something that we've seen online. I love the stark contrast of the pastel pink and black. If you have an eye for details, you would have realised that Trina is extremely good with her florals, which she admittedly agree it's one of her strong points and many customers like to look for her specifically for her florals! (: Note the florals on my index finger and how intricate the flowers are, even the leaves are painted in two shades of green to make them realistic-looking. So much thought and strokes go into those tiny flowers. I would never have imagined that there would be different techniques to go into the drawing of just flowers alone. On my fourth finger, it's actually white acrylic flowers on a silver glittery base!

This is probably the highlight of the entire set! Check out the triple spikes on my pinky. Everyone who has seen them couldn't resist but marvel at it and insist on touching them. Yes, they are a little prickly but you'd be amazed how sturdy they are because Trina actually used acrylic to stick them on, followed by coating a layer of gelish over it to secure them in place. Initially I'm a little jittery about the studs, which Trina suggested I give it a try. I was so worried of them falling off because of my job and how rough I can get at times but my worry is unfounded. I play with my spikes all day and night and they are still intact. (:

Check out more of Trina's works on her blog HERE or her instagram @Simplicitynails. Her rates are really affordable and I bet you will love her works as much as I do, this I promise. xx


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