Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rustic Charm III

The very last part of Rustic Charm is finally up! While we were on yet another long bus journey, it started to snow. I was sleeping still then, and my mom excitedly shook me awake and drew the curtains and jabbed at the window telling me that it's snowing. I couldn't wait to get out of the bus. I wandered the streets juggling both my camera and phone and started snapping pictures wildly and I was probably really close to getting a frost bite cause my ears, nose and fingers were completely numbed and red. I couldn't even feel my fingers anymore except that I felt this increasingly sharp pain in my palms and my fingers just turned redder and redder but I told myself to neverrrrr let go of my camera that was in my hands (think the weight of a 24-70mm).. Real tough indeed. The rest of the days I had my gloves on except when I had to snap pictures because I have really retarded and insensitive fingers when the gloves are on.

Everyone could barely stand the cold, and even friends who went to China during the same period said that the cold killed the fun. But there has never been a happier me. My first experience with falling snow and I felt like this is where I truly belonged. While roaming the streets and I saw my favourite Cold Stone Creamery, I just had to dash in to get a cup of it. You might have already guessed, I happily sat outdoors in the cold digging into my ice cream ^_^ My mother said I was crazy. But the streets were too beautiful a view to miss with the falling snow. Euphoria was surging through my veins and my mom and I happily stuck out our tongues and exclaimed that we were eating snow!

I don't have much pictures of the last few days of the trip cause they were mainly spent eating and shopping but hey! I managed to psycho the mother to get me a neon pink luggage with all the reasons in the world. Being the queen of bargaining, I got it at approx 20sgd! A-w-e-s-o-m-e.

As with every overseas trip, China opened up my eyes to new perspective and everywhere has its own beauty. I can't wait to travel again!



Anonymous said...

Helloooo can you do a post on how you edit your photos usually/for these china pictures! How do you get this 'faded' effect on the pictureS? :))

Fiona Sng said...

Hello there! I'm sorry but I wouldn't be able to do that. It's a preset I created on PS actually (:

Yina said...

Hi, can I know what lens are you using for the pictures you posted? the full model :)

C.Yiying said...

Hey! Just wondering what are the lenses you usually bring when you travel?