Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chaceylove x Rchlwngx


Wardrobe: Chaceylove

Some mid-week eye candy for all of you guys! It's a pleasure being able to work with her again after about a year ever since our first collaboration, and Rach is really fun to work with. I think Acelyn, Rachel and I had more time laughing and playing around then shooting. Here're some photos of Chaceylove's Chaceylove x Rchlwngx collection and Acelyn wanted it to emit the korean feel as much as possible and I like how it turned out!



Cheyenne said...

Pretty pretty pictures!! <3

Elly Tyl said...

hey dear! where's this place? :)

Fiona Sng said...

Cheyenne: Thank you so much love! <:

Elly: Darling, this is at a restaurant called Fullhouse (: