Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A day to remember

Prior to this trip, I was having an insane time working and clearing up my work before we headed over. So Dan planned everything after having heard that Montigo Resorts is a really pretty place. We checked the rates, and I found it too pricey so I said it's fine and that we should just settle for a cheap accommodation over there instead of spending a bomb here. But he knew I love this place when I saw the pictures, so he went ahead and booked the place for me without telling me. I only knew after everything was confirmed. (:

And little did I know that he actually had been spending the past week liaising with the resort to surprise me with a bouquet of purple roses (because I love purple), but it didn't work and what they managed to get for him was a mixture of red and pink roses. I won't be going into the details, but this place is where we got together (,: He secretly got them to deliver the bouquet to the room while I was running around screaming how wonderful this place is and crept up behind me and asked me to be his girlfriend.

This is the lobby/ reception area.

As you can already tell, the place is pretty big and they are actually still in the midst of expanding! To get you from the reception to your villa or basically anywhere else, buggy services are provided to fetch you around.

Our master bedroom.

The guest room.

A funny story to share: Because I never knew that the room comes with your own private pool and neither did Dan, we almost stupidly missed the entire living room and swimming pool. I remembered we both ran up to the second storey, totally ignoring the one and only white door on the first floor, and excitedly took photos of the place and running up to the roof and exclaimed how wonderful this place is.

When we got tired, we retreated back into the master bedroom and I started to fidget with everything I can find in the room. I flipped the brochures, touched the remote controls, jabbed the speakers, opened the drawers and then I went to the window and pushed the curtains aside. I looked to the villa beside and I saw that they had a pool, and I looked down at my own villa and I saw another pool at my villa.

My first thought was just: " Wow, they have a swimming pool here!" I told Dan we should go swimming yadda yadda but I didn't bring my bikini or anything at all. THEN I realised it seems like my neighbour has their own private pool. My second thought was why didn't we have one? Yes it took really long before I realised that I HAVE A GODDAMNED PRIVATE POOL IN MY VILLA!!!! Then I screamed and ushered Dan along asking him why can't we find our pool and it's so odd. Till I ran downstairs and opened the white door that led to the living room. 

I tell you, I almost died of excitement.

So gorgeous! I love how white and clean it is!!


A pity ours did not come with the bath tub!

The roof/ third floor!!

Unedited picture because I want to show everyone how beautiful the living hall is during evening. It's entirely illuminated by the golden sun!

We spent the evening dipping in the pool, ordering room service and blasting sounds with the Bose speakers provided by the resort. Life is beyond beautiful as we watched the sun set and the skies darken to pitch darkness before we washed up and headed for a relaxing massage and dinner at the restaurant.

Couldn't bear to call it a night there, so the boy ordered red wine to be delivered to the room and we spent quite awhile on the roof just drinking and blasting songs and singing like we owned the entire place. I can't even put into words the kind of reluctance we had to turn into bed that night.

DAY #2:

We had breakfast by the pool, and it was a lovely view. It rained shortly after breakkie, and we spent the last bit of Montigo-time dipping in the pool in the rain (hella cold, yes) before we checked out and headed to the town area for ayam penyet and cheap thrills before heading back to Singapore.

It was a really really needed getaway, and a pretty pricey one for a 2d1n at Batam but it's really worth the money. The service there is impeccable, and the resort itself is enough to blow you away. Here's the one and only photo of us taken by the staff there. (I just realised his hair's ridiculously long?!!)

"Once in a lifetime, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale to iive in."

Indeed a day to remember and a leap of faith in love. A day that changed my life forever. This afternoon, I spent a wee bit of time going through my old journal and reading through those heart wrenching post I've written 2 years ago over a heartbreak I thought I could never recover from. I wrote that I would never experience the same kind of love ever again, and feel the whole tingling from my head to my toes and a relationship that is based on complete trust, love and transparency. But I did. Because he is not just a boyfriend, but a best friend and a soul mate. No one was ever this proud of me till you came along, and you love and accept all my imperfections and let me be me all the time. This means the world to me. And so are you.

You brought me from an imminent low to a happy high. Good save there. These few months together, I've found my purpose and completion in you. And I trust you implicitly with all of me. No one else builds my dream with/for me like you do, and is a constant reminder for me to be a better person on a whole and works hard alongside me for a better future together. One that we can call, our own. 

I am one hell of a lucky girl.



Lisa said...

Haha oh man, now you make me crave for a getaway in Montigo Resort!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, can i know what type of villa is yours? Sea front, hill top, hill side?? Thank you :)

Fiona Sng said...

Hello! Now that you mentioned, I realised I kinda forgot but I'm pretty sure it's Hill Side cause it's neither of the other two (: