Friday, August 9, 2013

Chaceylove Collection 100

Wardrobe: Chaceylove
Model: Alva Lee

Here are some pictures of a shoot I did for Chaceylove and Alva a few months back and I love them! Alva's always great to work with and she is really pretty (and young), and not to mention, Acelyn of Chaceylove is always a dear to be around with be it for work or for random meet ups.

Just some images to keep this space going for the moment. I'm really tied up with work now that I'm back from Taiwan and it's a little overwhelming but I know I'll get through this week. Workaholic mode activated.

Till the next post! x.


xeniateo said...

Hi Fiona!! Your shots are very pretty!! Whrs the location of ur shoot anyway :D

Fiona Sng said...

I'm so sorry dear ): I can't share the location but thank you for your kind words Xenia! xx

wanlin said...

hey babe, what lens do you use?

wanlin said...

hey babe, what lens do u use?