Friday, July 26, 2013

Rustic Charm II

My cool beans momsie insisted that her nose is getting numbed and wrapped her face up.

So so so beautiful. It was already winter then, but the surroundings looked very much like we were still in Autumn phase.
Ridiculously happy ^_^

Here, we got the chance to try what was said as the best Longjing Tea. It's really nice to get a warm cuppa tea in the cold weather, and everyone of us finished up our glasses really quickly. Mom and I bought quite a number of tins of green tea leaves home to brew because we are tea lovers and I can barely do without a cup a day.
Nails for the new 2013 year
Here is the incredibly beautiful Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou that isn't fully developed yet.  I love how peaceful and tranquil it is, and how crazily huge this place is. Thank God for the tram service otherwise we would die from walking. Our entire tour group was snapping pictures non stop and every step that I take, I would stop and marvel at its beauty.

Ironically, I think that the barren trees in the winter accentuated the beauty of the entire land.

It was close to zero degrees then, and ice started forming on the surface of water. I was desperately praying it would snow in Hangzhou but it didn't. ):

And it got even more breathtaking during sunset (:

Here, I had my very first smelly tofu which I've always refused since young but hey, it tasted surprisingly good.

The mother and I proceeded to buy cigarettes, and we randomly chose this pack. Imagine my delight when I got back to the hotel and saw this! To think I thought I would only see this on Tumblr.
After taking a hot bath and changing into a fresh set of clothes, we met up with some of our tour group members and headed behind the alleys of the hotel for some shopping in the middle of the night. We got really really fresh fruits and street snacks and (unexpectedly), good shopping haul! :D

I know I know, I've gone a little crazy with my beanie collection. Four of which were purchased in China, I brought the rest of it there.

Part One of Rustic Charm: Here

One uncle from the tour group had to comment, "Whoa, you everyday fashion show with your beanies ah" when he saw that I had a different one everyday. The kids on the tour went crazy over my beanies and started asking their parents to get them one too. Hahaha. #undyingloveforbeanies #onthelookoutformore

We were told that snow may or may not happen for us on this trip because of the changing climate so I was praying really really hard that it would snow while everyone else was hoping otherwise because they couldn't tolerate the chill anymore. Sadly, it didn't happen for us in Hangzhou but it happened towards the later part of the trip. I'll share the remaining in part three in a few days! I'm FINALLY done editing the entire batch of China photos today when this trip was dated 7 months ago.

Hangzhou is truly truly beautiful, and it made me fall in love with China all over again and opened my eyes to brand new perspective. Unlike how skeptical I was about this trip from the beginning, I'm glad I went for it and get to immerse in the historical stories of the places we visit. Yes, I'm weird and uncool like this... I love historical places, museums and the likes of it.

I hope you guys love the photos as much as I do (:



Raihanah Ariff said...

your pictures so lovely . i love it :')

Wenhui said...

Love all the scenery photos! :D

Quenby Sheree said...

I have never seen cigarettes with hearts on the filters, how strange.

Those are some beautiful landscapes as well.

Quenby Sheree

Fiona Sng said...

Hello Raihannah! Thank you (: Very glad to hear that! <3

Wenhui dear, thank you!!!! :D :D

Hiii Quenby! Yes, neither have I seen it before. It's probably only available in China! Thank you for your kind words <: