Friday, July 12, 2013

Evil Valentine C20: Flower Child

Wardrobe: Evil Valentine
Model: Eunice Annabel

Evil Valentine shoot a few months back with my best and top favourite model, Eunice Annabel, whom I see the most often and click really well with. (: Thank God for blessing us with awesome sunlight during the shoot that gave these photos its magical glow. I'm a huge sucker for photos with that magical glow. Meeting Eunice later on for another shoot, and I can't wait! (:

I'm relieved that July has been treating me well, and I'm doing better at coping with work and squeezing time out to meet the people that matter to me in life. I've also gone a little crazy and splurged on my first bag in my 22 years of life but this deserves a little post on its own so I'll elaborate more in my next post when it arrives at my doorstep tonight (:

Lastly, in preparation for my birthday trip in August, I am on the mission of losing weight (again -.-). It's been a little while since I've last lamented on this space that I am in dire need of losing weight/ in the midst of dieting but the digit on the scale right now is screaming at me to. Despite risking sounding like a completely shallow bimbo, I am on a mission to shed those fats not because of the digit I see on the scale, but because I can see it myself and feel it when I fit into clothes that use to fit me well..... and that is really depressing since I was never even slim to begin with. The numbers just serve as a reminder for me to.

Everyone who can tell I've put on those weight, tells me that it's probably cause I'm happy and in love now which IS a good thing but I don't get the link since I've been eating moderately as usual. In any case, I would share the product if it works for me because I've had friends who took them 2 years back and it worked wonders. Besides having to admit that I am one hell of a lazy bum now, my schedule really does not permit me the time to hit the gym like I used to or otherwise I'm just too tired to do so after a long day of work.

Wish me luck! (:


Pei Pei said...

Are these pictures for a blogshop? Keen to get the white corset tube top featured in the second photo

Fiona Sng said...

Yes dear, it's from Evil Valentine! (: