Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We lived an adventure, love in the summer (part two)

For part one: Here

I know I am extremely behind time, but good things are worth the wait I guess. Here're the remaining photos of the shoot I did with Sharmaine and Justin just a day before Chinese New Year this year, and looking back at these photos it still makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy within. I bet you wouldn't have been able to imagine the intense scorching heat that we all had to put up with, and how badly badly burnt we all were after the shoot. Thank you guys, for being so spontaneous and for believing in me that the photos will turn out fine. <3

To elaborate a little more on the shoot, we had actually done the shoot in two different days 'cause it rained on the first and we had to postpone it. If you've bought helium balloons before, you would have known that they cost a bomb {(especially for something that barely lasts through 1 full day) so you can imagine our dismay when we couldn't put the balloons to good use. But Sharm kept the balloons well, except for some unobvious slight deflation and a unicorn that was tilting downwards. It's no surprise we had a hard time trying to get the balloons to be in place all the time.

If you've read my space for awhile, you might have noticed the famous/overused pink polka dot picnic mat that I used for my shoots and for my own leisure picnic over the past 4 years. Best part? It only costs $1.99. It's actually a shower curtain that I got from Giant, and the good part is that it doesn't tear  and the material is thick enough unlike those filmsy picnic plastic mats. So why a picnic idea..? Because that's exactly what Sharm and I loved doing back then. We held our own little photoshoots over makeshift picnics and stuffs like that! We surrounded the mat with things that they loved- cameras, polaroid films, bubbles, scrabbles, flowers and etc. They wanted to have things that symbolise their love around them. The very last photo above, is a reenactment of the very day that Justin surprised Sharm with a super pretty time turner necklace. Till date, this necklace remains as a love token that is very very special for both of them.

This series still remains as my favourite couple shoot till date, and for all this time that they are together, they have been on a long distance relationship throughout. Now that Justin is coming back, Sharm is leaving for another 4 years for her studies. I am truly in awe of them, because they are brave enough to pursue their lifelong dreams but never once leaving each other behind. To be honest, I'm not even sure if I could have half the courage and faith that they possess. Having heard their story, all the more I believe that it's always better to find a lover in a friend, because with time, you will have the perfect soulmate and bestfriend in one and relationships like that are always the most beautiful.... and rare.

In every way, I wish for nothing but the best for them and I hope they will always find their way back to each other.


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