Sunday, May 25, 2014

Inner Desires

Wardrobe: Inner Desire
Model: Olga Solovey

You probably won't believe this, but Olga is already a mom! When I first shot her, she had just given birth awhile ago. It was a delight being able to work with Inner Desire for their gorgeous swimwear line and I spent all my time lusting over the pieces (and Olga's figure heehee) while shooting and it's an interesting change from the usual apparels shoot.

Anyhows, I'm writing this as I take my week long respite in the land of smiles in the company of good food and my favorite person in the world. I apologize for my hiatus on the Facebook page as well as my tardy replies for my emails. Guilty as charged for allowing myself to sink into a well-deserved break for good where I hardly had to touch work, and I could sleep without waking from the alarm clock. Every trip I had these years were always laden with work, email replies, editings and what nots. This time, I'm truly living my life like I never had ever since I started working 2 years ago, and I'm so blessed and thankful for this trip despite the "chaos" here which is honestly, over-exaggerated by the media. All's well here! It's about time I start readjusting to my hectic pace and brace myself for the busy June ahead before I plan my next trip in the months to come. So excited for what the rest of the year promises! The best has yet to come. (:


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