Saturday, May 17, 2014


Wardrobe: Purbelle
Hair and Makeup: Pearlyn Law Makeup and Hairstyling
Model: Hosin

This series will always remain as one of my favourites ever, and I can't believe it was taken last year and I had waited till now to release them. It does feel like it's been forever since we did the shoot, but at the same time, it felt like it was just last week. It was probably through this particular shoot that the Purbelle team started bonding together. I remembered how I was so fond of this entire lookbook, and I was literally obsessing over these images for awhile back then. 

I love how in sync we could all be when we are really just different individuals who are given a direction to work towards. You could probably already figure that Purbelle is not your average online store, the themes D (owner of Purbelle) came up with deviated from the norms and each of the sets we have done are meticulously planned out and I am allowed to exercise my creativity from shooting to post processing. It's exhilarating when I get to experiment with various colours and moods I have always wanted to try. Anything dark and mysterious always appeals to me anyway! I'm proud of all the lookbooks the team has done together, because each and everyone of them are so brilliant at what they do so so it really is no surprise when people rave to all of us about Purbelle's photos and people wanting to replicate the style. I have to mention, Hosin will always be one of my favourite models ever and I miss working with this girl. Hosin, if you are reading this, you aren't forgotten and I'm looking forward to our next assignment together again! You're awesome in every way. <3

Thank you for reading this space despite my crazy long disappearance! For the next coming week I'd really be updating regularly because I'm taking a short break away from work to seek respite and gear up for the month of June. Lots of preparation work to do, I promise you it would be worth the wait. Exciting exciting exciting things ahead, just one more month! (: I'll try to put up more personal pictures as much as possible as well.... so many travel backlogs to share with y'all!

Have a good weekend ahead!


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