Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Agneselle's CNY Collection

Wardrobe: Agneselle
Hair and Makeup: Pearlyn Law Makeup and Hairstyling
Model: Peiling

It's been a week since I've been back from my lone trip to +66 where the boy joined me halfway through my trip. It was extremely rewarding on many levels, and I enjoyed the days I could entirely relish in being a sloth without feeling the guilt. In any case, I'm now back and fully recharged as I gear myself up for more exciting things this year. Here's my first work trip ever to the beautiful Malacca that I had familiarized myself with over the past few years when I had taken road trips there a couple of times for a short getaway. I've always loved the place for its bustling streets, vibrancy and rich heritage. Thus when the Agneselle team first brought up about heading there for our CNY shoot I was…… stoked. Sharing with you guys some images we shot over 2 days there and it was pretty fun! I just wished we had more time to spare there cause it's a place I'll always miss. Go try their famous chicken rice if you do visit!

I think I've been away for a little too long yet again, but thank you everyone who still takes the time out to check this site regularly (and be disappointed with the lack of updates) but I promise good things are coming your way soon. Please just keep your eyes peeled! I've legit reasons for my absence so please bear with me while I try to get everything up and running soon, it really is tiring trying to manage everything on my own but just a bit more time, and everything will be running smoothly soon!

Still in a state of disbelief that June has commenced, half the year has whisked by this fast and I'm glad I've done quite a fair bit to make myself proud. 6 more months to complete what I've started.

Have a good June, guys!


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