Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love is not a state of being. It's a house that takes up the whole world.

Angela and Greg may be no stranger to you at all. Angela is the owner of Lace & Ebony, and the blogger ambassador of Etude House. You might even remember seeing quite a bit of her on my space before because I love working with her over the past one year, and we always have this sort of chemistry and the same end in mind that we want for the images. I've also met Greg through our photoshoots which he will find time to come and help Angela out as and when his time permits. It's really nice because Greg has always come off as a really quiet person to me, but over time, we've found common grounds for our topics and I've also witnessed the love and dedication between these two busy individuals and how much effort they put in to balance every aspects in life just so they would have sufficient time for each other.

They are without a doubt, one of the easiest couples to shoot till date. I said so because, I barely needed to guide them and I will find them lost in their own conversations and each other. All that is needed is for me to find a corner and snap away. We got lucky with the petals that we found along the way and put it to good use. The last shot is undoubtedly one of my favourite shots ever. (: The unexpected things do turn out to be the best at times.


I shot Angela and Greg way more than half a year ago in 2013 (I'm really trying to keep up with my updates!), and over this half a year I've had the privilege of meeting more crazy, kind and gorgeous couples and made more photographs I could share on this space. In the next few months, I've aplenty of exciting new plans coming up and it will be a matter of time before all of you get to share my joy together.


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Yina said...

HI what lens do you recommend for portrait shoots?