Monday, March 17, 2014

Adv: Simplicity Nails

My recent obsession with any and everything white has got me to choose this set of white-based gelish as my new nails. I love it that over the course of the past few months, Trina has got to know me better that she was able to guess what I'd like and propose the designs to me. It was a pleasant surprise when we came to consensus on a set of Chanel inspired nails. This set features a variety of designs that both of us had in mind, with the middle finger drawn and painted to be a Chanel Jacket and my pinky with my name 'Fee'. (: My other favourite is the camelia flower on my fourth finger. That, is no sticker! Everything was hand drawn.

All due credit to the talented Trina from Simplicity Nails for this crazily pretty set which I've gotten countless compliments for. My friends literally grab my hands and ask me who did them for me. (:

Simplicity Nails is located at the western side of Singapore, so all you westies please look for her should you like to do your nails! I promise you it wouldn't disappoint!


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