Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Martrimony of Sangeetha and Birgen

Last August, I took on my first lifestyle interracial wedding ever and it was for Sangeetha and Birgen at Fort Canning. It really piqued my interest as I've never taken an interracial wedding before, and I was extremely pleased that they wanted to engage me because they like my lifestyle approach towards weddings and many of the shoots I've done which was exactly in sync to what they had wanted. Nothing too posey, nothing staged. It was all in the name of family, friends, fun and flowers! Exactly how I would love my future wedding to be like as well!
Sangeetha and Birgen had met in Singapore when they were still studying here. Over the years, the couple had been maintaining a long distance relationship until in 2013, the couple reunited once again in Singapore to tie the knot and got their love nest ready. Unlike most weddings I've taken, they have already held the hindu traditional wedding the day before at the temple which explains why the couple had henna paintings on their arms. What was most heart warming was how well both families could get along, and how much respect they had for each other's tradition and beliefs. I was in disbelief how everyone seemed to know everyone there, and they all had tremendous fun at the photo booths and dancing around to the music the DJ was spinning.
Looking at the picture really makes me laugh, because I can still vivdly remember all the fuzzy happiness and spontaneity the guests displayed that night that turned the place into a dance floor. Lastly, it was also an honour to be able to work with Sarah from Poppyflora Studio where I got to witness the hard work Sarah and Heather had put in to transform the place magically in a matter of a few hours with pompoms, flowers and very adorable and creative food and beverage stations. Chloe Choo, was also present that day at the Bitesize Monster waffle station to mend the booth and make waffles for the guests. I hope I get to work with them again sometime soon! #sothaticanhavelotsofwafflestoeat. I kid! It's always an experience being able to work with creative  people that are nice as well. It's rare nowadays for people to be kind and talented altogether.
I hope this set of pictures make you happy viewing them like how it made me feel even after a good whole 7 months.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,

I really love the pictures you took! they are unpretentious. I am intetrested in engaging you for my wedding shoot. Could you kindly email me your rates?
hope to hear from you soonest. Thank you.

Fiona Sng said...

Hi Shermaine, I've emailed you (: Do check! Thank you so much for your kind words! xx